Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Okay

Other titles I contemplated for this post:

The Day I’ve Dreaded My Entire Life
Today Starts The Next 12 Years of My Life
Slave To The School Schedule
My Eye Are Puffy and The Day Hasn’t Even Started
Kindy, Here We Come!
Do I Have To Wake Up This Early Every Day?
Baby Bird Leaves The Nest
Stop Crying, Mom!
Can You Just Pretend To Miss Me?
So…Do I Just Walk Home Now?
Barely Holding It Together
Hunny, You’re Gonna Have To Carry Me
I Left My Heart At Kindergarten
What Do You Do With a 3 Year Old All Day?
Is It Three O’ Clock Yet?

Today was harder than I thought it would be. Not really. In fact, it was way WAY worse in my head. But it was still really hard. I cried myself to sleep, and my husband didn’t even laugh at me. I mean, he laughed WITH me, but not at me. But mostly he just held me and  reminded me how ready our boy is. How excited our boy is.

TDD_SCHOOL_01 And boy, is he! At 8:30pm I had to remind him that air horn noises weren’t an appropriate form of singing ourselves to sleep, not to mention it might wake up his sister. His mind was “spinning” he said. He was too excited to sleep. I reminded him that the sun can’t come out until he goes to sleep. Eventually he stopped spinning enough to sleep.

TDD_SCHOOL_02 This morning, I couldn’t get more than a bowl of cereal into his tummy. I even offered pancakes, which he refused because cereal was “quicker”. He probably would have ran to school if I hadn’t insisted on holding his hand the whole way.

TDD_SCHOOL_03 I was even that mom when dropping him off at his classroom. His teacher kindly said “I’ve got him, you can go now!” and took him by the hand. I still snapped a couple more pictures and even followed him to his desk before backing out of the room blowing kisses that were never returned.

TDD_SCHOOL_04 Now my heart is walking around outside of my body and far beyond my view. And I somehow have to learn to live with it this way. Some say I will even grow to like it. I can’t even imagine. But I’m trying.



Back To School: Gap

Whether you have been following along for a while or this is your first time here, I just wanted to say WELCOME! I’m glad you are here.

This week I have been sharing my favorite back to school shopping spots. As I mentioned before, this is the first year I’m sending a kid off from school. So while I am posting my favorite fashions, I would love to hear from you veterans how different brands have held up during the school year for your family! So please don’t forget to chime in in the comments below!

Today’s top picks come from Gap Kids. I know, right? The classics. For the most part, Gap is a little over my budget. I mean, who likes to drop a lot of money on kids that are sprouting up and outgrowing their clothes in a matter of months?!? Not me, that’s for sure. I’d rather spend that money on my own clothes that I will wear until they have holes (and often far beyond that), thank you very much.

That being said, I chose to share some picks from here ANYWAY simply because…there are certain things I am willing to spend a little more on.

GAPBOYS 1. Boys Beanie / 2.  Boys Convertible Plaid Shirt / 3. Boys Camo Backpack
4. Boys Skinny Jeans / 5. Boys Lace-Up Sneakers

For one – their skinny jeans! Both my kids are beanpoles (skinny and tall) and I have a hard time finding jeans that fit them. We can always find a true fit with Gap’s skinny jeans. Always. Plus…they hold up far better than any other jeans I can find locally. Even when the knees get holes, they wear out in that trendy distressed way (you know, rather than ripping seam to seam and looking awful).

Shoes are another thing I’m willing to spend a little more on. I don’t buy every pair here (in fact if you’ve been following along, I’m sure you saw me mention my love of H&M shoes). But nothing is more frustrating than a pair of shoes wearing out before they even outgrow them, right? With an exception of a couple cheap pairs for running around and being wild, I try to always have at least one pair of GOOD shoes that can take a beating and still look nice. Hollywood’s boots, being a prime example.

Now if I am going to be completely honest with you, I will say that for the most part, little girl’s clothes at Gap are a little to plain Jane for me. Everybody needs some neutrals and classic pieces in their wardrobe, and that’s what I find here. But for the truly “fun” stuff there are other stops I will make first.

GAPGIRLS 1. Girls Wide Brim Fedora / 2. Girls Boxy Zip Sweater / 3. Girls Denim Jacket
4. Girls Moto Skinnies / 5. Girls Starry Messenger Bag (sold out since creating this post)
6. Girls Caramel Ballet Flats

Denim jackets, jeans, and sweaters are all things that will stay in style season after season. I try to buy them with a little room (without looking too baggy) so that my little lady can wear them for several months (sometimes years…she is a peanut after all) before retiring them to the “too small” bin.

I can’t forget to mention backpacks! Besides my pure disdain of character school supplies and clothing, (sorry – I said it!) I have heard from so many moms how they don’t hold up through the school year. I happily spend a little more on backpacks from places like Gap in hopes we can get more than a year out of it (maybe…I hear how crazy those Kindy kids are too)!

Alright friends – I have one more post for you coming up next week! I hope you are getting inspired to finish up your school shopping.


Be sure to also check out my picks from H&M and Target!

Back To School: Target

This week I am touching on my favorite stops for back to school shopping.

I think for most of us, Target is a no brainer. I mean, you can find everything at Target, right?!? Since I’m already there picking up school supplies (and having my weekly sanity run) I might as well take a peek at the clothes.

Now a couple warnings (for the few who weren’t already aware) about Target clothes. If you have a small Kindy student (like I do) they might be a bit in between sizes. Since Hollywood is tall and skinny, anything I get in the toddler section is too small after one wash (or fits perfect very briefly as he is sprouting constantly). But clothes in the boys section are still a bit big. Now…I haven’t washed any of them yet, so I’m hoping that helps. But there were a few things I have to return because after trying them on at home I decided it was gigantic. Thankfully boys look pretty darn cute in baggy clothes. Girls clothes isn’t as forgiving.

Second, finding the best deal can be a little tricky. I have a really hard time paying full price for kids clothes. And yet, when I wait too long then once they go on sale my size is sold out. I haven’t found the perfect balance yet. There may be someone out there who has mastered this…if that is you! Would you please help a girl out? I would love your secrets!

Alright, on to the goodies. My Cocoa doesn’t fit in little girls clothes yet, so it was a bit dreamy putting together my favorites. That being said, I was also shocked at how much of the selection looked way too grown up for the age group it was intended for! I’m all for dressing my daughter like a mini-me, but I don’t see the need for styles that make them appear to have a cinched waist?!? She is a little girl for crying out loud! Last thing I need is body image issues starting in Kindergarten.

Okay, rant over. :)


1. Girls Double Flower Headband / 2. Girls Anorak Jacket / 3. Girls HiLow Tunic
4. Girls Overalls / 5. Girls Kimono

The kimono in particular I tried on Cocoa in a size small. Super big on her tiny frame, but I’m hoping if they restock it in extra-small I will have better luck. It’s just too darn adorable! And those overalls??? Swoon. I could see them paired with leggings and boots.

TDDatTarget Being that this was my first time actually shopping in the boys’ department, I was pretty excited. There are a lot more styles to choose from, that’s for sure! Hollywood was a huge fan of the colors and style of the Shaun White collection, so we brought home a lot of it. (Okay, some. I mean how many tshirts does a kid need, right?)


1. Boys Hooded Jean Jacket / 2. Boys Sweatshirt / 3. Boys Baseball Tee
4. Boys Shaun White Tees / 5. Boys Striped Beanie / 6. Boys Skinny Denim

This beanie is a favorite of mine. I have a little boy who lives in hats so I sure hope that he can continue wearing them at school.

TDDTarget I would love to hear from YOU, my readers! What are your favorites from my Target picks? And where else do you love to do your school shopping for your kiddos? Let me know in the comments below.


Back To School: H&M

Facebook is evidence that a lot of you all over the country have already started school, but we still have a couple weeks to cram in some last minute shopping before sending my Lil Hollywood off to Kindergarten.

Our life is soooo about to change permanently. Eeek!

I have a lot of friends ask where I find my kids’ fashion, so this week I thought I would share some of my favorite places to shop as well as some of our family’s top picks.

To top the list of must-hit stores, sits H&M. I sought out their stores that carried children’s clothing long before one moved right into our mall. Since then it has been one of my first stops when I’m in need of clothing for my littles.

I love the affordability of the items they carry. I have found that they hold up pretty well to wear and tear too. Not perfectly…we get holes in our pants like everyone else! But at least I know it won’t break the bank when I need to replace a pair.

HMBOYS 1. Boys Leather Belt / 2. Boys Tshirt / 3. Boys Padded Vest
4. Boys Slim Jeans / 5. Boys Hi Tops

Hollywood has a definite sense of his own personal style, so he was a great help picking our favorites during our school shopping trip (Which we totally did with just the two of us, by the way. A lot less stressful when I can put all the focus on him).

backtoschool We bought these shoes in a different color last season and they held up so well! We are waiting to buy another pair until he grows out his current ones, but I would highly recommend it!

My little lady isn’t in school this year, so although I’ve been perusing the big girl aisles, I’m sticking to the bare necessities for her. These don’t all fit that list, but they would certainly top my list if we were school shopping!

HMGIRLS 1. Girls Fur Vest / 2. Girls Knit Sweater / 3. Girls Scarf
4. Girls Fringe Boots / 5. Girls Blouse / 6. Girls Printed Treggings

Ok so we might have a bit of an obsession with fun and funky patterns. But mixing and matching is part of the fun, right? I love that at H&M, I can find those fun and trendy pieces there that I can’t find at other stores. Who doesn’t love dressing their kid like a mini me???

I have nothing but great things to say about their treggings. My little Cocoa has a hard time with the thick fabric of jeans (because a girls gotta dance!) so she prefers these much more.

If you have shopped at H&M for your kids, I would love to hear how they hold up for others as well as your favorite pieces you have spotted this season! Please share in the comments below!

Coming soon: more kids shopping!!!


Noonday: Style Me Beautiful (Last Post + Giveaway Winner!)

Good morning, friends!

I usually hesitate to post on Saturdays because most of you are too busy to check your blogs. But I knew that, if it were me, I wouldn’t want to be kept waiting.

However, before we get to the winner of the giveaway, I have one more style post I would love to share with you. Even though the trunk show is now closed, I couldn’t resist showing you one I put together for my mom.

NoondayStyleMeBeautiful My mom is a real estate agent and home stager, so she has days where she is sitting in a cold, air-conditioned building as well as running all over town to stages homes, pick up supplies, and host open houses. As you can imagine, it can be a challenge to dress yourself for the many different aspects of your job, while still maintaining a professional image.

On a recent shopping trip, my mom picked out this outfit as a great transitional look for the upcoming season change. The fabric of the shirt is lightweight and comfortable and contains some definite Fall tones which makes it perfect for the transition! Now, as requested, we are going to give her a little help finding the perfect accessories for it.

stylemebeautiful_09 1. Earrings: Cow Horn Hoops, Small / 2-3. Necklaces: Terracotta Rope and Hanoi / 4. Francesca’s: Booties / 5. Target: Revlon Lipstick / 6. Bracelet: Featherweight Cuff

When I was first looking through the Fall Catalogue with my mom, I showed her this necklace combination, which I thought would be the perfect topping to her new blouse. She was a little unsure at the orange tones in the Terracotta Necklace at first. But, without knowing it, asked about the very same combination when Tarah paired them together at the trunk show! It certainly depends on the lighting, but I don’t think it looks as orange in person. Or maybe it just looks more like an organic orange, if that makes sense. It is a truly beautiful combination, so I built the rest of the look around that. I think the cow horns bring out the color in the Hanoi necklace and the feather print of the cuff just softens the entire look. What do you think?

trunkshow Since mom was going for a transitional look, I had to show off these booties from Francesca’s. The dark color and style scream Fall, but the peep toe still proves that there’s still a little summer left to enjoy. And the lipstick? Just a personal favorite over here. It’s a bright and beautiful orangey tone, pulling out some of that color in the necklace without being too trendy. (Don’t fear mom, it’s not ORANGE orange! But I have it so you can feel free to try it before committing!)

Well, you guys! Sadly, this brings our Style Me Beautiful posts to an end. Did you have fun watching us put these looks together for you? Because I can tell you, Tarah and I had a blast. Would you be interested in me doing posts like this more often? Let me know in the comments below.

But before I head off, I wanted to share with you the winner of the $25 Noonday Collection Gift Card!!!!!!!!!!!

TDDNoondayWinner2  Congratulations Danielle!!! I will be emailing you shortly with the details on how to claim your gift card. Thank you to every single one of y’all for joining in on the fun! This won’t be the last one, I promise!


Top Three Tuesday: Noonday Fall Faves

Hello divas!

I’m having a super busy week over here with my soon-to-be-Kindergartener off at “practice week” at school. More officially stated as “Jump Start”. It’s a wonderful program to help introduce these kids to the teachers and new environment in short doses before the big day actually comes. I, for one, am super grateful our school is taking the time to do this. BUT it has made for an unexpectedly crazy week. I guess this is just a taste of my new normal though :)

Anywho! That has left me little time to put together another style post for you today, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging so I thought I would theme the Top Three Tuesday for the Noonday trunk show. (Yes, it is STILL going on, BTW!!! You still have time to enter that GIVEAWAY, so hop to it ladies!!!) :)

Top3Tuesday I’m loving the new fall collection from Noonday Collection. It even has me kinda excited to make the transition into Fall. But for style purposes only, let’s not get carried away here! This girl lives for the sun and I am PRAYING for a super long summer.

Today I thought I would share with you my three favorite pieces:

pagoda About everyone I know who has seen the line in person has listed this Gatsby-inspired piece as one of their favorites of the Fall Collection. It is simple and yet somehow dramatic and elegant, wouldn’t you agree? It just seems like the perfect topping to any outfit.

TDD_pagoda SHOP: Pagoda Necklace

A piece like this would easily dress up a tshirt and jeans on a day when you have to run out of the house. But I also see it paired with a basic black dress if you are headed to a wedding or a holiday party. Such versatility!

featheredfringe I was a huge fan of the original feathered earrings, as were many of you! But the cobalt color of this pair is so stunning, I just couldn’t resist. Not to mention they add the perfect touch of bohemian flair to any outfit. Do you think they pop against my purple hair? I’m so digging these, ladies!

TDD_featheredfringe SHOP: Feathered Fringe Earrings

These earrings are made in India, a country where women are often denied the ability to work outside of the home. Noonday saw the creative potential these women had, yet didn’t feel worthy to design. Now they are given the opportunity to create beautiful pieces like this from within their own home, or in safe workshops.

amhara Besides the obvious appeal of the graphic black and white pattern, this Ethiopian cotton scarf particularly speaks to me. Noonday partnered with an artisan group in Ethiopia that works closely with the non-profit company Woman At Risk. Women who were formally in prostitution are provided skills training, job placement, and a fair wage. These woman share that they feel hope for the first time in years.

TDD_amhara SHOP: Amhara Scarf

THIS right here is why I am so passionate about companies like Noonday. Our purchases are creating a sense of empowerment for these women, who are now able to provide for their families!

Isn’t it just incredible what an impact you can make with your purchases? You have an opportunity to be a world changer right here and now. Not only can you bring empowerment and hope to women around the world and help break the cycle of poverty, but you can be an ambassador for them every time you wear a piece from Noonday Collection. I can’t tell you how many conversations about purchasing with a purpose have been sparked by my necklace or earrings. This is a chance for women to empower women just by what they wear and how they spend their money. That is huge.

So what’s your next step? Make a purchase. Share their story. Host a trunk show. Become an ambassador. Each of these is helping to make a difference. YOU are helping to change the world. Women empowering women.



Noonday: Style Me Beautiful

I wanted to thank all of you who were a part of fun on Saturday with the trunk show! There is nothing more girly and awesomely fun than dressing up my friends. Thank you for allowing me to do what I love!

But don’t be mistaken here, y’all! The fun’s not over yet! The show doesn’t officially close until Friday at Midnight so you still have a couple days of styling posts left, not to mention chances to enter in the GIVEAWAY! Don’t miss this opportunity to win a $25 Noonday Gift Card! (In fact, I wish I could enter…)


For today’s styling post, I have my lovely friend, Connie, a full time mom and a fantastic photographer. Connie sent me a photo of her in her outfit of choice to survive the hot Arizona days: a tank and skirt.


Especially during the summer, this is a go-to for me as well! I was so excited when Connie sent me this outfit, because I already had a million styling ideas swirling through my head! I mean, you know how excited I get about shopping from your closet! It brings me so much joy to inspire people to take what they already have and where it in a whole new way. So Connie, I hope this inspires you…

For the first look, I thought I would simply accessorize what she had. This would be absolutely perfect for running errands, heading to the park with the kids, or even on the job at a shoot.  stylemebeautiful_05 1. Necklace: Bethie Rope layered with / 2. Sparkling Necklace in Sea Green  3. Bag: Leather Tote / 4. Shoe: Cents of Style / 5. Bracelet: Tangled
6. Earrings: Cow Horn Hoops, Small

Isn’t it amazing how just a couple accessories can completely change a look? For the necklaces, I am absolutely in love with layering simple pieces. The Bethie Rope in particular is on my wish list this year and definitely one of the must-have pieces from the Noonday Collection! It can be worn so many ways making it probably THE most versatile piece in the line.


The leather on the bag I thought was simple and classy, but not overly dressy. I think it could be paired with almost anything in your closet. Tarah just raves about this bag and I can see why!

Also…these cow horn hoops, y’all! I can’t resist saying a bit about these. They are so beautiful in person. And what makes them so completely unique is that every one varies in color a bit, depending on what part of the horn they are cut from. For blondes, I would completely recommend the darker ones, and for brunettes the lighter ones in order for them to truly “pop” against your hair color.

cowhornhoop Now I’ve been friends with Connie for more than six years now and she’s come to me a time or two asking what on earth can I swear for a night out that I won’t sweat my butt off in? Okay, so maybe not in those words. She’s a little more eloquent than that! ;) But I can completely understand her concern. So I was designing this look with that concern in mind:

stylemebeautiful_06 1. Earrings: Dreamcatcher / 2. Hat: Target / 3. Shoes: Kohl’s / 4. Bracelet: Arabian Nights 5. Tunic: Grace & Lace / 6. Necklace: Pagoda

I love how a little lace over her already amazing outfit completely transforms the look, don’t you? Pairing it with some wedge heels will dress up your look (while making your calves look amazing, right?) and this wide-brimmed hat is just the perfect addition for transitioning into Fall fashion.

And as far as accessories go, I am pairing this with what are probably some of my most favorite pieces in the Fall Collection!!! The Pagoda necklace brings a little Gatsby-esque feel to the look. What could be more elegant than that?

Alright…so I know I normally stop at two looks. But I couldn’t resist adding one more for Connie’s chic look. Tarah and I just love the idea of adding a glamorous bib necklace to this outfit for a complete transformation with just one piece!

frosted bib Necklace: Frosted Bib 

The Frosted Bib necklace adds that stunning glimmer to an otherwise basic outfit. The blue gems pull from the chambray in Connie’s skirt and just instantly dress the whole thing up for a last minute date night or girl’s night!

Connie….thank you so much for letting me play virtual dress up with your outfit! I hope you feel a little inspired to try something new with an old favorite.

So what about you, ladies? Do you feel inspired? What pieces here are screaming your name?



Noonday: Style Me Beautiful

Thank you ladies for sending in your photos! It has been such a delight to see you rocking your favorite outfits with confidence. I’m so thankful for this opportunity to celebrate everyone’s unique personal style.

NoondayStyleMeBeautiful Today I get to share with you Gina’s favorite outfit. Anyone who knows Gina knows that she has such confidence and charisma and I think her style matches her personality so effortlessly! Her outfit displays such a beautiful balance between femininity and boldness. I wanted to celebrate both aspects of that, so again I put together two different looks using Noonday accessories.


With such a big personality, I knew Gina could pull off a bold look. For this first one, Tarah put together a stunning arm party by mixing tones and textures. I think the metallic finishes contrast really well with the soft texture of the fabrics Gina chose, while complimenting the bold pattern in her skirt. The ribbon necklace also makes a huge statement while still being soft and feminine. I added in the gold earrings to compliment her skin tone and bring out the finish in her bracelets.

stylemebeautiful_03 SHOP THIS LOOK:

1. Lip Color: Smashbox Be Legendary in Warm Rose / 2. Earrings: Arched Arrows
3. Necklace: Royal Ribbon / 4. Shoes: Michael Kors Peeptoe / 5.  Bag: Film Noir Clutch
6-8. Arm Party: Entwined, Etched Bars in Gold, Etched Bars in Silver

The Noir clutch is also the perfect topping for a night out on the town. Could you believe that this purse is hand woven by artisans with special needs using recycled VHS and cassette tape? That just blows my mind. What an ingenious idea to reuse and recycle materials into some thing completely new.

For the second look, we put together something a little softer and a little more casual. Tarah and I have both been dying to show off the stunning detail of the Embelished Raw Silk Scarf. Doesn’t it look so soft and cozy and yet elegant? I am in love. We pulled colors from the scarf and the skirt to choose the rest of our accessories, which are both simple and elegant.

stylemebeautiful_04 SHOP THIS LOOK:

1. Earrings: Gem Trio Studs / 2. Scarf: Embellished Raw Silk
3. Bracelet: Everest Wrap in Mint / 4. Shoe: Cents of Style 5. Blazer: Maurice’s

Top it off with a basic black blazer and some colorful flats and you are ready for about anything. Mmmm…I’m starting to crave fall already. Wait, did I just say that?!? ;)

Gina, guuuuuurl…thank you for letting me share your photo! You make a beautiful model and this was a fun one to style. I hope you can make it out to the show on Saturday so we can style you in person :)

And for the rest of you dying to get your shop on – head on over Noonday Collection to choose your favorites. Then come back here and tell me what you chose! I’ve been inspired just by seeing everyone’s favorites! Just don’t forget to choose “ThisDomesticatedDiva” as your trunk show so you can be entered in to the giveaway!!!

Want to be part of our little styling sesh here on the blog? Send your photo to thisdomesticateddiva@gmail.com and get a couple extra entries for that giveaway. All the details can be found HERE.


Noonday: Style Me Beautiful

fb-launch The time has finally come for the big reveal! I don’t know about you, but I am just thrilled at the new line! Such beautiful colors and textures. I just can’t wait to try it all on (although I still have to wait until Saturday).

If you haven’t already, you should hop on over to Noonday Collection and take a look now! Swoon. I’ll be showing you my favorites soon enough….but now that the new Fall line has launched, it’s time for us to launch into our new mini series!!

NoondayStyleMeBeautiful Our first diva to be styled is my beautiful friend Janet! I specifically asked Janet if she would participate after she gushed on Facebook about her husband surprising her with this stunning leather jacket from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

stylemebeautiful She initially spotted it on on one of their date nights. Excited about the obvious chicness and versatility of this jacket, she tried it on to show her husband. One look at his face and she knew he wasn’t digging it to the same degree. He even mentioned that it didn’t seem to fit her style, and was a bit too edgy. A little disappointed, she put the jacket back and went on with her night. But not without sharing the incident on Facebook, of course.

I’m not sure whether it was her expression to his reaction or the feedback on Facebook that caused her husband to change his mind. But the very next day he arrived home from work with the edgy and sincerely awesome jacket and made her day! And look at her rock this look! A great purchase, don’t you think?

stylemebeautiful Whenever you are stepping out of a comfort zone and trying out a new look, sometimes it helps to balance out with something on the opposite end of the spectrum. Take a neutral outfit and add in some colorful pieces. Update your classic wardrobe with a statement necklace. In this case, I thought it would look great to balance out the edginess of the leather by layering some soft feminine pieces.

stylemebeautiful_01 SHOP THIS LOOK:

1. Earrings: Julep or 2. Earrings: Pheonix / 3. Tshirt: Mindy Mae’s Market
4. Jeans: Maurice’s / 5. Bag: H’mong / 6. Necklace: Clustered Charm

Paired with jeans and a tshirt, this would be the perfect go-to outfit for a mom on the go. It doesn’t take that long to throw on a tshirt and jeans, right? Then you just add a stylish jacket and chic accessories and you are good to go! Tarah suggested that the H’mong (which is actually a makeup bag) would look beautiful as a simple clutch when you are running quick errands. Need your purse? Just toss in some lipstick and your essentials and toss it in your bag to keep all mom’s things in the same spot.

A leather jacket is such a great investment because with just a minimal switch up, you can completely change the look from day to night. For this next example, I am pairing her jacket with a blouse to add contrast with texture, and a sleek pencil skirt. Add some heels and accessories and you are ready for a night on the town!

stylemebeautiful_02 SHOP THIS LOOK:

1. Blouse: Windsor / 2. Earrings: Squared Chimes / 3. Skirt: Nest Boutique
 4. Bag: Botanical / 5. Shoes: Nordstrom / 6. Necklace: Bethie Rope

Because of the color in the outfit and the bold look with the bag, Tarah and I thought it would look stunning to pair some Ethiopian pieces with it to let the color speak for itself. The earrings and bag are such statement pieces in itself, we were torn whether a necklace was really needed. You could go either way really, but our thought process was if you took the jacket off you had a little something around your neck without it competing with the other pieces (not to mention the Bethie Rope completely classifies as one of the “must have” pieces for every wardrobe because of it’s versatility).

I don’t know about you, but I am all about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things. You never know, that new thing just might be THE new look for you! And if you ever have any doubt – pull out that inner diva, strike a pose, snap a picture, and send it to me for a little encouragement. :)

stylemebeautiful Thank you, Janet! I appreciate you sharing your picture and your story with us and letting us play virtual dress up with you. I hope the experience as a whole inspires you to branch out of your comfort zone a little more often because guuuuurl…you rock that jacket!

So if you can’t wait to do some shopping now, head on over to Noonday Collection and pick out your favorites! Don’t forget to choose “ThisDomesticatedDiva” as your trunk show to get entered in to win a $25 gift card (and please register your entry HERE). But if you are looking for even more inspiration, stay tuned! There are lots more styles coming not to mention a photo booth the day of the trunk show on Facebook so you can see what we are putting together! Don’t miss out on the fun.

How about you? Have you ever had a time you stepped out of the box, in the fashion sense? How did it work out for you? What pieces from the new line are you dying to get your hands on?


One More Day

I am so excited you guys! Tomorrow is the official launch day for Noonday Collection‘s new fall line! Since I am hosting a show this weekend, I did get a sneak peek at the fall catalogue…so I can tell you – y’all are going to LOVE it!!!


But see for yourself! Noonday just released their “Behind The Scenes” video! It is just a dream of mine to be a part of something like this someday. For now, I’ll just continue drooling from the sidelines.

Fall 2014 Collection: Behind The Scenes from Noonday Collection on Vimeo.

So did you see anything that sparked your curiosity? Can’t wait to hear from y’all what your favorites are!

In correlation with the launch, my Style Me Beautiful mini series also starts tomorrow! Tarah and I are so looking forward to styling your favorite outfits with Noonday’s fall collection (read all the details HERE). Please don’t forget to send us your photos though (thisdomesticateddiva@gmail.com)! We can only show you these new styles with the outfits you send us. And don’t forget that you will get extra entries for the GIVEAWAY for participating!

See you tomorrow!!! And don’t forget to join all the fun on my online trunk show!