Stitch Fix: Vacation Edition

When I said told y’all on Facebook today that I would get these photos up if it killed me, I was NOT expecting to slip and fall on my tailbone. Yes, my tailbone. I am dying y’all, but just for you… I’m home from the chiropractor with a Starbucks in hand ready to finish this already. I must REALLY love you.

My third fix has finally arrived! And a few days EARLY at that! After making a note on my profile about wanting items for a beach vacation, I was really excited to see what they would pick for me! And…if I’m completely honest, a little nervous as well. My last fix was not exactly season appropriate. But with a little referral credit (thank you, friends!) I felt free to dive on in! I’ve got nothing to lose as my “style fee” is covered and I’m just going to be super picky and ONLY keep what I really want. (Or at least that’s what I’m aiming for!)

So let’s dive on in, shall we?


Ruxin Distressed Boyfriend Jeans / Mavi

Confession: I have never owned a pair of boyfriend jeans. NEVER?!? Never. For a long time I had not even the slightest clue how I would style them in a way that would still be “me”. Then, once I figured that out, it has been impossible to find the right fit. So I’ve been pinning away to my hearts desire all these adorably styled boyfriend jeans and wishing it was me. Well, I don’t have to wish anymore…or do I?


When I opened my fix there was a sweet note from my stylist, Rhonda. I instantly liked her. She was complementary of my style. She understood my budget, and for the most part, stayed within it. There was only one exception, these jeans, which she explained her reasoning for including it…

“I know they are outside your budget perimeter but wanted you to have the option! You know how cute they are and how to dress them up or down from what I can see!”

And you know what? I’m glad she did. When it comes to jeans, I’m willing to pay a little more for a good quality pair. I just kept my budget “as cheap as possible” on my profile since in the past, some of the items they have sent me have been outrageously priced (in my opinion).

How they fit: The legs fit comfortably, although they seem maybe too big at the hips? Or are boyfriend jeans supposed to fit that way? I’m not sure?


Melinda 3/4 Sleeve Blazer / 41Hawthorn

The second item I pulled out of my fix was this stylishly cut blazer in my most favorite shade of pink! How could I not be excited about this? I had a small concern about it being too intense of a color next to my already intense hair, but that dissipated the moment I tried it on. Maybe not everyone will agree, but as a hair designer I have never exactly shied away from color (as you may have noticed).




How it fit: Casually fitted, I guess is the best way to describe it. Please tell me if it LOOKS too big, but it seemed to have just the perfect amount of stretch and give to make it comfortable and not restricting (meaning I can still drag those kiddos around when they are misbehaving).


McConnell Raglan Striped Knit Shirt / Under Skies

At first glance, I’m sure not everyone would think this was vacation worthy, but I certainly do! What is more perfect for a gentle breeze on the beach than throwing a lightweight knit over your swimsuit and shorts. I can see a lot of potential with this particular top.



My stylist also suggested pairing it with the blazer and jeans. I’m not sure I would have even thought of it, but I think it works together fantastically! You may not be able to tell in the pictures, but there’s just the tiniest bit of sparkle to the fabric – it is fabulous!


How it fit: Potentially a little short for this long-torso, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. Other than that there is plenty of stretch in the arms and bust while still being pretty fitted.


Esten Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse / Collective Concepts

Cobalt blue is quite possibly one of the best shades of blue on earth. It is complementary to many skin tones, including my porcelain complexion. Not to mention it works with gold and silver toned jewelry, and brings out the blue in my eyes.


This sleeveless blouse has invisible buttons (yay for my kids not tugging on them) and flows away from my midsection, a great way to hide a bloated day. My stylist, Rhonda, mentioned in a note that she thought this would be great for our warm weather vacation and I have to say I agree! It is a great lightweight texture to pair with shorts or even a skirt for a fancy dinner with my man.


How it fit: I feel like this one fits really well. Don’t know if it is just a little short (again, long torso over here) or if I’m just imagining that because of my love for long tops. Fits comfortably in the bust and flattering so that’s all I really care about. :)


Glendale Embellished Hi-Lo Tank / TCEC

This is a lovely sheer tank with a higher hemline in the front, and a longer one in back. I particularly like the hi-lo style because, as a mom, I am often bending over tying shoes, wiping booty’s, and digging in my purse. The longer hemline prevents bending over and showing just a little too much. TMI? Sorry. Just trying to be honest here…


I don’t always love sheer tops because, well, you have to layer something underneath them. But being that I am going to a BEACH, I thought this would be great even for throwing on over my swimsuit.


Not going to lie, I love the embellished detail on the neckline!

How if fit: Perfectly! Not too baggy, but just enough give to be comfortable and versatile.

Soooooo… I’ve already got an idea of what are my favorites, but how about you? What would you send back and what would you keep? Is there anything that I just MUST hold on to? I want to know what you think!!! Help me decide, my friends!

You can check out my Fix #1 and Fix #2 here :) And if you’ve been thinking of signing up, I’d love if you would consider using my referral link so that I can get a little spending credit as well! After all, we girls gotta help each other out, right?





P.S. Sorry for the weird lighting in some of these. If you can’t tell the weather was all over the place today and in the middle of the shoot I even got rained on and moved inside. Hope it still gives you a good idea of tones and styles :)

Top Three Tuesday: House Projects


Spring is right around the corner whether or not I’m ready for it. (For the record, I am. VERY ready.) That means its time to face the huge and ever growing list of house projects we have yet to tackle. Since I hardly have the energy for all of them, I thought prioritizing sounded like a good idea. You with me?

So starting this spring, here are our top three house projects we need to tackle!


I know, I know. It sounds huge and massive and overhwelming just reading it. No? That’s just me? Darn. Well it IS overwhelming. We have lived in this home for six years now and all we have done to the yard is demolish. The previous owners were very ambitious with their landscaping and as a new home owner, I knew I would never be able to keep up. I intentionally cut out flower beds and simplified the landscaping to fit our needs, but we never actually replanted. So this is the year. In an auction last fall we won a dump truck load of beauty bark so I’m excited to finally give this yard the attention it deserves.


Got any ideas to get me started? Oh guys…this is so overwhelming for me! Hahaha!


Six years of renovating has left us exhausted. Its that simple. But now that Cocoa is potty trained and I’m sharing a bathroom with a toddler and a preschooler, I’m ready for a space of my own. You know, not covered in toothpaste globs. Where I don’t constantly trip over the stepping stool. Where I don’t have to dig for my razor in a pile of bathtub toys. Maybe a grown up space where I can leave my flat iron sitting out without fear of a trip to the emergency room. Okay…maybe leaving out a flat iron isn’t the best habit to have in the first place…


I know, scary isn’t it? I’ve had ideas swirling around in this brain of mine for way too long now. Its time to put all this designing to practice and finally create the space we’ve been dreaming of (within limits of course…I’ve already been informed that my claw foot tub fantasy will not be feasible).


Okay…the top two were EASY to prioritize. But the third? Not so much. I have SUCH a huge list of projects it was really hard to decide what was the most important. But I think for safety reasons I need to say our back deck. We have loose boards, holes, and nails sticking up. Last summer I spent way more time that would be deemed normal digging slivers out of my kiddos’ feet. I think its time to replace it…or at the very least invest in a huge outdoor rug until we can. Either way, this space needs some major attention.


Do you have any household projects you are tackling right now? Please share…I’d love to know I’m not alone :) Or if you have any tips or tricks to get me started…pretty PLEASE share!




Well friends, its here. Today marks the first day of the last year of my twenties.

That may make it sound like I’m freaking about it, but I promise you I’m not. That’s one of the benefits of having a husband two years older than you. I get to freak out for him on big milestones, but by the time I come around to them they seem like old news, haha. But it doesn’t mean the impending big 3-0 hasn’t been on my mind. I’m already facing certain fashion trends that I feel make me look like I am trying too hard. Its one of the many reasons I decided to dive in head first to my hair makeover.

You’ve seen the hair makeover, right? No? Well…friend! This is why there’s instagram… But just because I love ya – I’ll share the photos here for you as well!



TDD_Purple Hair


But yes, today is my birthday and I’m not going to be shy about it. I’m going to celebrate being one year old and one year wiser and one more year of depending on God. I’m nothing but happy to celebrate 29 today!


Birthday Wish List

With my birthday less than a week away, my husband has been grilling me on some ideas on how to celebrate. I’ve never quite understood why men think women are so hard to buy for. I mean really…flowers, jewelry, clothes…that’s not really that hard, is it? Hahaha.

Well JUST FOR YOU honey, I’m putting together a little wish list to help you out! (Yes, my husband reads my blog, mkay?)

Twilight Forever


I have intentionally put off buying copies of my beloved Twilight series in hopes this box set was coming. 12 discs including tons of extra features? Yes, please! I hear a girl’s night calling!

Jo Totes Camera Bag

graciemagentamodel1_1024x1024 gracielilacinterior_1024x1024

Even though I’ve had my DSLR camera for several years, I am still toting it around in my old camcorder bag just because I was too cheap to buy a camera bag. Its time for an upgrade. And with one this chic, how can I resist? I will take the Gracie in Butterscotch, Lilac, or Magenta please!

Sassy Tshirts


I’m a sucker for these typography tshirts, but for some reason have a hard time pulling the trigger and investing in one. But let’s face it – I would wear it all the time. My mister already knows my feelings on the “Wifey” tee, but I’m also drooling over “Sorry I’m Late” (uber fitting), “Stop It You’re Gorgeous” and “Born To Shine”.

Jewelry with a Purpose

With the recent release of the Noonday spring line and my sister-in-law’s fundraiser show coming up this weekend, it couldn’t be more perfect timing to pick up some new pieces. And y’all know I can’t resist a beautiful piece with a beautiful story! And these are so close to my heart.

816f27ca9b94d298f6b4924ca7973b78 c929fe939c03d7653c6e521237741321

Along the same lines is the Threads collection from Shine Project. Made by at risk teens trying to break the cycle of poverty. Here’s some of my faves.


Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette

This palette has been on my list for several years now. And with my Target eyeshadow quickly running out, its certainly time to invest in a new one. Practical and fun!


Well there you go honey…hope the ideas help you out! But if in doubt, a shopping spree for our upcoming vaca would be an acceptable option. =)

Top Three Tuesday: Makeup Must-Haves

Hi, my name is Mimi and I’m a makeup addict.

It’s true. I love makeup. Lots and lots of makeup. I love trying out new colors and looks and watching youtube videos and tutorials. It brings out the artistic side in me. I’m not claiming to be an expert by any means. It’s just a hobby. But a fun hobby just the same. So I thought it would be fun for today’s T3T (new nickname for it, ya like?) to share my favorites. My must-haves. My “I cannot live without”s. Here goes…


PrimerPrimer for your face? Why yes, I thought it was a good idea too. Especially for my blotchy read skin that seems to seep through any foundation, no matter the “staying power” it claims. Well no more my friends. I am happy to say that with a little help from my friend primer…my foundation not only goes on smoother, but I use less product and…IT STAYS IN PLACE! Its a miracle – really, it is!

There are LOTS of good ones out there, even at very affordable prices (check out the ELF line at Target – I’ve loved almost everything I’ve tried so far). But my ultimate favorite must-have primer is Smashbox Color Correcting in Green. Yes, green. It helps diminish the redness like it means business.

Smashbox Color Correct

And if you need a little shadow staying power as well, I will highly suggest the ELF Eye Primer from Target. It’s super cheap and does its job well. And when I say super cheap, I mean you can’t afford NOT to…hahaha!

13963726GreenConceilerAgain with the green? YES! If you struggle with redness, its a lifesaver friends! And Maybelline’s Cover Stick Corrector Conceiler is awesome. I smear a little around my nose, under my eyes, and anywhere my skin is acting out a little. After the primer, before the foundation. You won’t regret it.

Maybelline Cover Stick GreenLiquidLinerAlright, so I know this is where I will lose some of you. I know not everyone is a fan of liquid liner. But for the fans of the cat eye – I know you feel me on this one! I’ve tried several brands and while I haven’t been unhappy with any of them, my favorite so far has been Sephora’s High Precision Liner in Black. Although I forgot to get the waterproof one this time. May I suggest…get the waterproof. Especially if you are prone to crying like this lady over here. =)

Sephora Liquid LinerWell there you go with my Top 3 (mkay I guess it was 4)!! If you had to choose, what would top your makeup must-have list? I’d love to hear! Mainly because I want to know what else to add to my collection :)




Repost: We Got The Call!!!

Today marks three years…THREE!!!…from the day we got Cocoa’s referral. I can hardly believe it. On one hand, time has flown by. On the other, I can’t remember a day she wasn’t a part of my heart and our family. In celebrations of this milestone, I am reposting the wonderful news we were so overjoyed to share three years ago.


“I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. WAit for the Lord, be strong, and let your heart take courage. Yes, wait for the Lord.”
Psalm 27:13-14

I am in AWE! I had a feeling about this week…Monday even…but I had no idea how PERFECT it would be =)

You see, my husband worked last night and needed to sleep this morning. He told me early this morning that I was under STRICT orders NOT to wake up until at least 11AM (and ONLY if we got “the call”)! Was he trying to TORTURE me?!? SERIOUSLY?!?! It sure felt that way, but I agreed…with a huge frown on my face.

Sometime early this morning he crawled into bed, careful not to distrub me. Shortly (I’m assuming) after that, I was awoken with this nervous-nauseous feeling that came on so fast it felt like a punch to the gut! That, and I was FREEZING! (Have I mentioned the crazy snow-wind-rain weather we’re having in Seattle this week???) I nudged at hubs until he curled next to me and wrapped his arms around me to keep me warm. Suddenly I was so overcome with emotion I felt like his arms were the only thing holding me together. It was almost like I couldn’t breathe! After the weekend I had…and then this morning…I was SURE today was the day!! I barely stomached laying in bed until 8:00am, but then I got up thinking it would be perfect to get a shower in now so that I’d look at least somewhat pulled together if and when Kiersten (our caseworker) called!

{TEXT: “Praying for you today!” – Ashley}

In the shower I prayed and prayed and prayed and pleaded with God and prayed some more….more and more until I felt my heart rate slow down to normal. When I turned off the shower and stepped out, it sped right back up again – now I had to actually FACE the day!

After I got dressed, I couldn’t resist and went to check my email. Right away I noticed an email from Kimberly (who was one ahead of us on the girl’s list, as well as being #4 on the siblings list) that over the weekend they had made the decision to pull themselves off the girl’s list and wait for siblings – WE WERE NUMBER ONE!!!! (That was the point in which I posted the good news in my last post!)

After she called AGCI, Kimberly gave me a call and excitedly explained how God had brought them to their decision throughout the weekend – AMAZING! I was just in AWE that someone could be soo close to the end like that and slow down and step away from it enough to HEAR God’s change in direction!

Kimberly, I am so GRATEFUL that you were willing and able to seek
HIS PLAN and I am BEYOND excited to see the little lives
that He has in store for your family!!!! 
Their decision was just one more stepping stone!

And THEN my phone was ringing off the hook (from mostly my family) with congratulations and “what’s next?” questions! They were on pins and needles almost as much as we were! Little did they know, each call was giving me a mini HEART ATTACK! I was jumpy, and shaky, and literally running to the bathroom every twenty minutes feeling sick to my stomach! I’d waited THIS long….I knew I could wait another day, or even a week if I had to!  But I wasn’t sure how long my BODY could take this…

Fortunately, I didn’t have to…
At 11:24 am (yes, merely 24 minutes after I was “allowed” to wake my husband) my phone rang….and my heart stopped. I paused with my hand next to the phone waiting for the caller ID to register. KIERSTEN. As I held my hand to my heart, I could see Hollywood’s “c’mon mama” expression from the corner of my eye. This is it!!!! I picked it up.Me: {in as smooth a voice as I could muster….which ended up sounding rather cholked up} Hello?!
K: Hi Mimi, It’s Kiersten from AGCI, how are you today?
Me: {still cholked up} Emotional!
K: {laughing} I understand.  …I’m calling because we have a little girl within your parameters that we’d like to discuss with you, do you have a moment?
Me: {hardly able to breathe} yes
K: Great! Is your husband there? Should I conference him on? Or did you want to take the call before talking to him?
Me: Just a moment, I’ll go get him. You know…he made me promise this morning not to wake him up before 11am! I just can’t believe this!
K: I have a knack for the perfect timing! {I could just hear her wink!!}
Me: Alright, just a second!
Can you picture me running into our bedroom and shaking my husband awake while hastily whispering ”IT’S TIIIIIME!!!!  IT’S KIERSEN – WAKE UP!!!” Can ya??? ’Cause that’s what I DID!!!  =)Hubs quickly picked up the phone and groggily said “hello” and listened as K caught him up to speed. In the meantime, I was throwing clothes in his direction and flipping on lights telling him in an oh-so-sweet manner to GET HIS BUTT OUT HERE while grinding my teeth in anticipation (I KNOW you can picture that, lol!).Kiersten explained in detail some recent things that had come up with some of their medical testing in Addis…but in all honesty, as Hubs was asking great and detailed questions my mind was wondering, ”How old is she? How much does she weigh? What’s her name? Doe they know of a birthmom? What is the first thing I’m going to learn about my daughter?” It’s a good thing both of us were on the call, that’s for sure!


As she was finishing answer Hub’s questions, she informed us that she was emailing us some documents and a picture of our little “T” now. I stopped in my tracks as I repeated her name. Over and over. It was not one I had heard before, but I instantly recognized it as Ethiopian! As it rolled over my tongue, it went from feeling unfamiliar and awkward to perfect and beautiful! As we fumbled to set up our camera and get our son situated with some Pokoyo cartoons, Kiersten continued to tell us that our “T” is 8 weeks old and a teeny 6 pounds!!! OH MY WORD – so tiny!!!!!! I’m dying to see her!!!!!
During all this, hubs is growling that the camera won’t read the memory card….WHAT?!?  So I toss him the smaller memory card out of the video camera…frustrated that we won’t be able to use both. (If this sounds awkward and complicated….then I’m portraying it correctly….it felt so completely silly to be dealing with these kind of mishaps at this point, but seriously!! What were we to do?!? Kiersten giggled at us and assured us that there was “no such thing as an organized referral call”. Okay then…there’s just a lot of great writers out there who know how to embellish their referral story to sound that way then!  ;)  Well not ME! This is REAL folks! My mind was ALL OVER the place! I was disorganized, and shaky, and all my electronics were messing up on me!) So just as hubs gets the camera set up I get this BRILLIANT idea to record our conversation on the web cam! But do you think it would cooperate?? NO! In fact we had to RESTART the computer because it froze EVERYTHING! ARGH!!!!!! Okay…at THIS point I was FED UP! I HAD to see my baby girl! So video-less this would be! And no…we don’t have great pictures because that was just life. But not like it matters….I think this moment will forever be ingrained on my brain just like Hollywood’s birth story!
My cheeks hurt already!

My cheeks hurt already!

Okay….so everything that’s GOING to be working is working. We log into our email and download her picture. Let me tell ya – looking at your two month old daughter’s face for the first time is the strangest feeling! I’m gazing at her beautiful, but unfamiliar face…
Opening the email...

Opening the email…

“Oh she’s so tiny!  Look at those eyes!  Babe – her little fingers…awww!!!  
She has so much hair!!!  I can’t believe how little she is!”
First glimpse of my DAUGHTER!

First glimpse of my DAUGHTER!

In love already...but OH so tired!

In love already…but OH so tired!

She looked nothing like I had imagined her to! But how could you possibly dream up the perfect child that God had chosen for your familiy? I certainly hadn’t expected Monkey to look the way he did either, and yet now I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful child!Then suddenly – it happened! I was in love! As Kiersten was walking us through each separate document, I kept flipping back to her picture and finding one more thing I loved about her! The way her curl flipped back in front reminded me of my Hollywood. Her tiny little lips that look just a tiny bit chapped – I just can’t wait to kiss them! Her feet curled up so close to her body – I bet she’s a snuggler! I can’t stop gazing at her…I can’t pull my eyes away from her face, those eyes just draw me in! She’s a stranger to me, and yet I love her.  Unconditionally and completely. And each time I glance at her face, she feels just a little more like mine =) Do I really have to wait to hold her? How long will it be before I can smother her with kisses?
Can't stop smiling =)

Can’t stop smiling =)

As Kiersten spoke, so many details stood out to me. Her birthday: December 20, 2010!  Oh how I looonged for a Christmas baby….of course, I thought she’d be HOME by then, but God had other plans! She was brought to Hannah’s Hope on February 16th.  Her pediatrician report was filed on the 23rd – my hubby’s birthday! She loves eating – oh this makes my mama heart SMILE! Baby Girl, you need to put some weight on! Her name means “God saved her”! Aww…this broke my heart and made me smile all at the same time!  Of course God saved you! We need you just as much as you need us!!! Of course there are many more….but we are choosing to keep those private for “T” to share someday with those she chooses.
"She's soooo beautiful!"

“She’s soooo beautiful!”

We are just in AWE! I still can’t believe that God chose US to be this little girl’s parents!  And HOW MANY TIMES have I posted or reminded myself that“God is bigger than the numbers!” We were technically number TWO!  If Kimberly hadn’t pulled herself off that list today, we would not have our baby girl! GOD IS BIGGER THAN THE NUMBERS!!!! He will move MOUNTAINS!  He can and WILL do what it takes to bring a family together – it was in His plan from the beginning!
Another photo...this one she's asleep.

Another photo…this one she’s asleep.

Lord, we thank you SO much for this little blessing!  
She is PERFECT and far more amazing than we could have ever dreamed!  
Thank you for being patient with me in my times of grief, in my times of anxiety, 
and in my times of doubt.  Thank you for loving me in spite of it all 
and choosing us to parent this precious child of YOURS!  
Please show us your mighty powers again so we can get her home SOON!  
“His unchanging plan has always been to ADOPT us into His family, by bringing us to Himself through Jesus Christ.  And this gave him great pleasure.”  
Ephesians 1:5
You know, it’s funny. Over the last three years Cocoa has changed a lot. When we finally brought her home, I couldn’t believe how much her little face had already chubbed up and changed. But now, three years later, I can’t believe how similar she looks to that tiny 6 pound baby I feel in love with so long ago. I will never forget this day as long as I live. Reliving it just makes me praise Jesus all over again for this little world changer He brought into our lives!
Referralversary 3

Radiant Orchid

As I’m sure most of you have well heard by now, Pantone has declared 2014′s color of the year to be the stunning Radiant Orchid. This lovely shade of purple falls somewhere between lavender and eggplant, and has a bit of an intensity that just speaks to me. Is it weird that color speaks to me? Maybe. But I’m a trained and licensed hair colorist, so I’m okay with it.

Orchid tones have been a favorite of mine since…well, as long as I can remember. In fact, the color of my adored (by me) KitchenAid Mixer just happens to be not far off from this Radiant Orchid. And I still love it ten years later. Color just never gets old…

So I’m sure it’s no surprise to friends of mine that I’m snatching up orchid wherever I can find it. And this blouse was no exception. I was literally just waiting in the aisles while my family was using the restroom, saw this beauty, and ran to the dressing room as fast as my legs could carry me. I had been looking for some longer blouses, and when I saw the tone of this one, paired with the striking black color blocking, I was instantly in love.

TDD_Radiant Orchid_04Normally, I’m not a fan of the monochromatic look, but I thought that my bauble necklace complemented this shirt perfectly, what do you think?

TDD_Radiant Orchid_03

My sister-in-law spoiled me with this lovely bag for Christmas and I am SO IN LOVE with it. It is just big enough to fit all my mom junk without being overwhelming to haul around. It has some great pockets in it and a fun graphic print inside, and is the perfect color to pair with almost any outfit. WIN!

TDD_Radiant Orchid_02

TDD_Radiant Orchid_05

TDD_Radiant Orchid_01Wedges may just be my favorite shoe on earth. You can dress it up, or dress it down, and easily chase down a three-year-old (well, as long as that three-year-old isn’t faster than you, which mine happens to be).

And we can’t forget the hair…

TDD_Radiant Orchid_07TDD_Radiant Orchid_08

Braids are just the perfect, easy thing to style fuzzy, rained on hair…don’t you think? We had had snow, hail, and rain going on this weekend and I wasn’t quite sure my hair was going to recover. But I thought this held in the frizz for the most part.

And yes, I’m aware my roots need some attention =)

TDD_Radiant Orchid_09

I thought you might find the story behind these pictures a little funny…

This was taken on my hubby’s birthday weekend and I was trying to surprise him with reservations at a local restaurant with some friends. But when he walked in on me putting on a smokey eye and hot pink lipstick and asked why I was getting all dolled up…the only thing I could think of was…

“I’m putting a look together for my blog!”

He totally fell for it and even took the pictures for me. Needless to say he had the most hilarious look of shock on his face when our babysitter knocked on our door! Hahaha!

Soooooo, I’m curious to hear from my readers… How do you feel about Pantone’s color of the year? Are you a fan of the striking shade or do you prefer a more toned-down version of it?

Shop This Look:

Orchid Color Block Blouse: JC Penny HERE
Jeans: H&G (old)
Wedge Booties: Target, no longer available, but these are Similar
Camel Bag: Francesca’s, no longer available, but this is Similar
Two Tone Earrings: Noonday Collection HERE
Bauble Necklace: Ily Couture On sale HERE now, snatch them while you can!
Gold Cuff: Noonday Collection Similar
Statement Ring: Francesca’s (old)
Lip Cocktail: Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in “Passion” topped with Mirabella Colour Shine  in “Charisma”



Top Three Tuesday: Spring 2014 Trends

I’m welcoming back Top Three Tuesday with open arms! On days when I’m having a hard time finding a topic to share with you, I just think “Top Three….???” and SOMEthing always pops in my brain.

With a warm weather vacation finally booked, I am in search of some season-appropriate clothes to take with me. Spring shopping is always super exciting for me. Nothing puts a smile on my face like a little sunshine. Through my pinterest searches and “new arrival” browsing online, I am quickly discovering what is trending for the upcoming season. And I couldn’t be more excited for it to finally be at my doorstep (literally…my husband has stopped questioning the online shopping).




Considering what a big hit this has been the entire last year, it came to no surprise to me that it would carry on into the spring (and hopefully summer). And it couldn’t be more perfect for a transitional wardrobe. All you have to do is switch your pairings. Take a black and white striped blouse, for example. During the winter months you may have been wearing it with your wine colored pants or sequined skirt (I own neither, but I certainly would have, had they existed in my wardrobe). Switch those out to your colored skinny jeans (yay – time to break those pastels back out!) or a neon skirt…HECK – even some scalloped black shorts…and VOILA! You have instantly updated your wardrobe to be spring worthy.


But don’t limit yourself to that striped blouse. Branch out a little bit with an aztec print or a striped skirt or skinny jean (especially those slimming vertical stripes). With this bold look hitting stores everywhere, you should have no trouble filling your closet.



As a mom, I find the above-the-knee skirt length to be just plain impractical. Unless, of course, it’s simply covering my swimsuit. I’m certainly not saying there is ANYthing wrong with wearing one when you are a mom, I just find it limits me. And, well…I like to be out playing with my kids (aaaand they may have a tendency to put their hand up my skirt…just being honest here). Maxi skirts are certainly more practical…but if I’m wearing anything less than a heel I tend to trip myself a little bit (admittedly I’m a complete klutz). A midi skirt is really the perfect compromise (not to mention it covers the unsightly scar on my left knee).



The great thing about the midi skirt is that there are so many variations. I have plenty fitted skirts that wear including my favorite plum ribbon skirt I shared with you here. It is so easily paired with a tshirt partially tucked in or a blouse worn multiple ways. I think they are very flattering to a hourglass figure. But even a pear-shaped figure could pull off this look with a fuller blouse on top.



The full midi skirt is coming out in full swing as well. I love this classic, chic look. It looks so beautiful paired with a fitted top to balance out someone who maybe has a fuller bust or to add curves to a straighter figure.




 It’s my personal belief that every closet should be filled with a hat for every occasion. I mean, I’ve got beanies, baseball, fedora, wide brim…not to mention one for every season. I may have an addiction. And you can’t deny that it is GREAT to have one come to the rescue on a bad hair day (which happens quite a bit when you have nine months of rain, believe it or not).



To my excitement, I am seeing the wide-brimmed hats (made popular back in the day by the oh-so-glamorous J-Lo) in almost every store. It’s not hard to find an affordable one to outfit any look. And I am certainly planning to stock up a few more before I hit the beach. Gotta shade my nose from those nasty sunburns!!!



So I’m curious friends…what do you think of the spring trends hitting the stores? Are you with me on my favorites or is there something you would change or add to the list? What do you think I should be shopping for for my vacation wardrobe?

I Want to be Here Right Now…

After looking at the recent weather forecasts for much of the country, I know I can’t be alone in the warm weather vacation dreams right now. Can I get an amen? Haha. It’s just inevitable this time of year.

The rain and the wind and the hail are just old news over here. And we don’t even have the worst of it. Yes, I’m talking to you east coasters with two feet of snow and you’re still functioning. You’re my hero. No, really.

Oh sunshine, how I miss your warmth on my skin.


So, where are you dreaming of escaping to right now? The Caribbean? Europe? Hawaii?


A one way ticket to any of the above sound like heaven about now.

Catch Up – Its 2014!

Happy New Year Friends! 

Wait. WHAT? It’s Februrary? When did that happen…

My goodness. The beginning of this year has been a little rough on our family. On and off sick since the first of the year including colds, sinus infections, asthma, and the flu. Yes, you heard that right. So forgive me for completely abandoning my blog. I was about to lose it. Maybe I did.

Admittedly I’m still not completely up to par. My childhood asthma sprung itself into action as I was fighting all this other junk and just does not want to let go. But other than that I am alive and well and (almost) healthy. But there is SO much to catch you up on.

Let’s see, there was a birthday…

tdd_catchup_01 tdd_catchup_02




tdd_catchup_05 tdd_catchup_06

And Christmas parties…

tdd_catchup_08 tdd_catchup_11

Cocoa’s 3rd Mermaid party…


Sugar, sugar, sugar…

tdd_catchup_07 tdd_catchup_12

And lots and lots of soup. But you don’t care about that. (Do you?) Now that you’re caught up on my OH so exciting life, we can get back to this lil’ old thing I call my blog. :)