It might as well have been yesterday that I took my father’s arms and firmly told him, “Don’t you dare say anything that will make me cry” right before the double doors opened to a crowd full of people, eyes all on me. I should have been used to the spotlight by now. Years of dance recitals, choir, and cheerleading certainly got me used to performing for a crowd. But this time it was different. For once, it was solely about me and my husband-to-be, and not about entertaining the crowd. I gripped my dad’s arms even tighter as my legs wobbled beneath me and I made my way down the aisle.

TDD_Eleven_01 How is it possible that eleven years later, I love him even more? I need him even more. And I dream with him even more. We have grown up together. And while many fear that you would grow apart, for us, we have just grown closer closer together. Not that we haven’t had our hard moments. Sometimes agonizing moments. But we got through it together. We cried, yelled, laughed, and prayed through it together. And we came out stronger.

TDD_Eleven_02 Happy (belated) Anniversary to the love of my life. Eleven years down, a lifetime to go.


For The Hostess…

PurchasewPurpose Today I will be touching on the perfect finds for your favorite hostess. You know – that darling friend or family member that is always opening her home and inviting you in. She always has her cabinets stocked with the best alcohol (or is that just my friends, lol) and a spread on the table. You always have an unofficial invitation for any event and she never shies away from a last minute, thrown together game night.

I don’t know about you, but I value that friendship (and you know who you are girl)! So skip the bottle of wine (err…maybe you can add that in as well…) and give your hostess something that will really make her smile!

TDD_Hostess Most hostesses I know and really into home decor and finding those perfect touches to personalize their space. This Mini Whimsical Basket from The Little Market would be so beautiful sitting on a counter filled with flowers or a great hiding spot your spare change. And I love how perfectly it matches this darling Striped Hand Towel.

If you are looking for something a little more substantial, this Throw Blanket from Parker Clay is incredibly gorgeous. The neutral and subtle pattern would work with any home’s color scheme and I just think it is so elegant!

I have also been in love with these Nahuala Rectangle Trays since the moment I was introduced to Noonday Collection. I could think of so many uses for these around the house both, for a party and for every day items like your jewelry.

If you are thinking something a little more simplistic, I don’t think any hostess can have to many serving pieces. I love these Wood Salad Servers from The Little Market! The twisted handles bring a unique touch to an every day item. And of course, if you are going to stick to that trusty bottle of wine, don’t forget an elegant wine stopper like this Geometric one from TOMS Marketplace. I know…perfection, right?

Alright friends! That wraps up my Purchase with a Purpose series! I hope you were able to get inspiration for all your shopping needs and make your money count this year. If you missed some posts – don’t worry! You can browse all of them HERE.

I really tried to hunt down the best finds that will make a difference this year, but if you feel I missed something truly awesome – I want to hear about it! Let me know in the comments below your favorite places to Purchase with a Purpose so that maybe I can include them next year! :) Happy Shopping!


For the Adventurer…

PurchasewPurpose Everyone has someone in their life who just can’t seem to stay put in one place. They are always moving and seeking a new adventure, whether that be a relocation or simply taking on a new sport. They thrive off excitement and change. Why not fuel their excitement to explore with gifts they can use on the way.

If your adventurer is the out-doorsy type, why not keep them cozy on their adventures with this Alpaca Knit Beanie and Mittens from The Little Market? That way they can look fashionable while staying warm in the great outdoors. Alpaca is known for being incredibly soft and warm.

TDD_Adventurer_01 It may seem a little obvious, but for a world traveler, some quality essentials for traveling would make the perfect gift! Check out this Weekender Bag from Parker Clay as well as their Passport Wallet. Both are designed with sustainable leather and made in Ethiopia and your purchase helps create economic and social empowerment.

Or – help them look stylish while they travel! This Geo Jogger pants from Punjammies is both fashionable and comfortable for a long flight or road trip. Wouldn’t you just love to curl up in those? I am also in love with these Tasseled Bracelets from Noonday Collection (which I own, and wear regularly) that tell a beautiful story. Created from old artillery shells, they turned something that was once ugly into something of beauty.

TDD_Adventurer_02 Adventurers are often inspired by their travels. Give them a place to record all their memories in the making with this Cotton Travel Journal from Raven and Lily. Last but not least, some art work, like this “Every Great Journey” print from Sseko Designs, will help keep them inspired while they are at home or in the office.

Hope this helped you on your shopping today. Tomorrow is my last one of the series with gift ideas for the Hostess! Don’t forget to browse all my gift guides and to make your purchases matter this holiday season.


For the Fashionista…

PurchasewPurpose Fashionistas can be a challenge to shop for…or so I hear. People tell me they hesitate to buy me jewelry or clothes for fear I won’t like them. I promise them (and you) that it’s pretty much the opposite. You almost can’t go wrong with jewelry or clothes! But in case the thought of buying for the fashionista in your life causes you to sweat – fear no more, my friends! I have found some ideas that are certain to put a smile on their face as well as help you fulfill that goal of Purchasing with a Purpose.

No matter how picky you perceive your fashionista to be when it comes to clothing…I can tell you. You can’t have too many slouchy tees. I love this Pocket Scallop Tee (in basically neutral tones) from Krochet Kids. It would be perfect to throw on with leggings, slim fitted sweats, or some distressed boyfriend jeans. While it is perfect to wear lounging around the house, you can instantly snazz it up with these Herringbone Wedges from TOMS and this leather zip clutch (that I’m IN LOVE with) from Parker Clay! Instant style, right?

TDD_Fashionista_01 Oh! And don’t forget those Goodney Revolver shades from Warby Parker! They are certain to pull the chic look together. Along with another must-have for the winter season – a stunning, yet functional scarf. Fashionable’s ABLE scarf is just that! I love the classic black and white while the print is something unexpected.

When it comes to accessories, you could go so many directions. I personally love the pairing of Noonday Collection’s Bling Collar necklace with the Prism Drop Earrings for…well, just about anything! Perfect to bring a statement to a basic tee or glam up a basic black dress. I first fell in love with them back when my friend Tarah introduced me to the Noonday Collection and they still are on my “must-have” list! But if your fashionista tends to wear a lot of the classic black, you might do her some favors with this Bandero + Bracelet set,from 31 Bits, which has plenty of color to liven up any basic ensemble!

TDD_Fashionista_02 I might have just drooled on my computer!

Well, we are nearing the end of my Purchase with a Purpose series. What have been your favorites so far? And what are you waiting yet to see? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

For your shopping convenience, you can find all my gift guides listed HERE.





For the Kids…


Shopping for your kids can be challenging. In our family, we are seeking to buy more than just toys, but something that has a little meaning or can create last memories. When I first started trying to Purchase with a Purpose a couple years ago, there weren’t many option for kids besides clothes. But now, I am happy to share that there are many more options!

And don’t get me wrong here, there is certainly nothing wrong with getting your kids clothes for Christmas. Besides it being a great necessary item, my kids actually enjoy it. But I also know they would be disappointed if that was it.

On to the gift guides…

I don’t know about your little guy, but my little Hollywood is obsessed with hats. This Trucker Hat from Niko Collective would be so adorable on him, I just can’t stand it! And the neon against that purple “I’m Gonna Change The World” tee is just perfect. This one is from Ordinary Hero, a company close to my heart since they helped us fundraise the much-needed funds to bring our daughter home three years ago.

TDD_Kids_01 I have been looking for the perfect rain boots for my little man also. Not too plain but not too cutesy…if you know what I mean. So, of course, I was thrilled when I saw that TOMS now carries rain boots! These camo ones would be just the ticket! But since we are also looking for something fun – what kiddo wouldn’t love this adorable Penguin stuffed animal from The Little Market?

For your little ladies, now. I am drooling over some of these finds. Like this Sophia Jr. tourbin-style beanie from Krochet Kids?? I can just picture my Cocoa’s coils peeking out from underneath! When our daughter got her first pair of glasses, I was eyeing these Maddie frames from Jonas Paul Eyewear. Unfortunately we were in a bit of a rush to get her prescription filled and it would have involved getting reimbursement from our insurance company so we decided to wait until next time for those little loves.

TDD_Kids_02 As far as something fun…I think it’s pretty safe to say that every little girl loves playing mommy, so what’s better than a baby doll? The Hope doll from Show Hope is the perfect babe to snuggle up with at night. I also love the Hearts for Hearts dolls (I have the Ethiopian one, Rahel, pictured here). Don’t tell my little lady this, but she may or may not be hidden high up in my closet right now!

Last but not least, I’m loving these colorful friendship bracelets from 31 bits! Give your little girl some arm candy or let her give one away to her bestie! Either way, it’s sure to put a smile on her precious face.

Feeling excited and inspired? I know I am. What are your favorites from today’s finds? And as always, please let me know if you have any goodies you think should be added to this list! I’m always on the hunt for more possibilities!!!

Thank you, friends, for following along with my Purchase with a Purpose series. I have more to come, but in the mean time, feel free to browse through my current posts, which I have all listed HERE for you.



For the Baker…

PurchasewPurpose Or cook. If you have someone in your life who lives in the kitchen, I have found the perfect items to put a smile on their face!

You will know them by their homemade yummies. If they show their love through a home cooked meal or freshly baked cookies, you can bet that this gift guide is just for them.
TDD_Baker_01 Before they ever step foot in the kitchen, they will first need to do their shopping at the local market or grocery store. This Ashoka Tribal Print Tote from Raven and Lily would be perfection for picking some fresh produce or, heck – even some bottles of wine!
I know they say the best cooks don’t measure anything, but at the very least these Olive Wood Measuring Spoons from The Little Market would look fabulous as decor in their kitchen, right? I think so. But if not, this Heart Spoon would totally do the trick.

For as fabulous as their food tastes, it should look equally as wonderful am I right? Help them show off their hard work with some beautiful serve wear. You can shop the glorious Heart of Haiti Collection at Macy’s and find some truly unique pieces.

Last but not least, tempt their senses with the soy based Cinnamon candle from The Little Market. Because…well, what baker doesn’t love the scent of cinnamon filling their home?

Do you think I’ve nailed it on the head here? The only thing missing. I think, is an apron. But my favorite one from Noonday Collection is no longer available. But please let me know if you have one to share in the comments below!

Come back tomorrow for some ideas for your kids! I found some awesome stuff that I can’t wait to share! In the meantime, check out my other Purchase with a Purpose posts HERE.


For the Coffee Snob…

PurchasewPurpose This may or may not be my husband’s exact description of me. But what can I say? When it’s your FAVORITE beverage…it just has to be done right.

The coffee snob is hard to miss. She almost always has her mug in hand and her lipstick smudged off (just me? Whoops.) She always has the best coffee beans in her house and can’t survive without her favorite creamer in the house.

Anyone this picky with coffee deserves truly the best as a Christmas treat. So why not swing by Just Love Coffee Roasters to pick them up some Ethiopian Harrar? While your at it, I hear great things about this Chemex coffee maker! And of course, you can’t forget a mug to enjoy it in. I’m just slightly obsessed with this “Change The World For One” mug from Ordinary Hero – the perfect conversation starter!

TDD_CoffeeSnob_01 But you by no means have to stick to just coffee! Visit any Seattle coffee shop and you will see a couple trends among coffee lovers…

For starters, this “Wherever You Go” flowy top from Sevenly would pair perfectly with this cozy zip wrap from Noonday Collection. I feel like a cozy scarf is a must have when drinking coffee. But that might just be my personal obsession with scarves talking!

TDD_CoffeeSnob_02 Whether you are going out to meet a friend or enjoying your coffee from the comfort of your own couch, these lounge pants from Krochet Kids Intl. would be both fabulous and comfortable! But if you are heading out, you wouldn’t want to forget your wallet, like this chic one made from sustainable leather by Sseko. And since we are going for comfort, this Brooklyn Backpack from Krochet Kids would be perfect to carry your laptop in. Or a pile of kids toys, if you are trying to entertain your kids so you can enjoy some adult conversation like I am :)

TDD_CoffeeSnob_03 Can you picture yourselves with any of these? Maybe coffee isn’t your thing. No worries – plenty more gift guides are coming up! So whether you are crossing off that shopping list or trying to make a wish list of your own, I’ve got you covered!

I’ll see you tomorrow for some ideas for the Baker in your life…but in the meantime feel free to browse the other gift guides I have put together for you HERE.


For the Men…

PurchasewPurpose If your man is anything like mine, wish lists are hard to come by. In fact, when family members request a list, I make it for him. Why? Because his includes things like underwear, socks, and a growing list of tools that may never be used. He is a hardworking and practical man who just doesn’t see many things as a necessity. And while I admire that about him, it also can make gift giving a challenge.

Well whether you are shopping for a practical man like mine, or a style savvy fellow – I’ve got you covered! Because I have searched high and low to find only the best for you, my friends!

Speaking of style…what is more practical than clothes? While they may not think they “need” anything new, a peek in their closet might suggest otherwise. But even if they make clothes a priority.,,there are a few clothing items every man could benefit from.

For starters, the perfect pairs of lounge pants. Threads For Thought has you covered with this Burnout Wash Sweat Pant. I kind of find lounge pants sexy. Is that weird? But a stylized pair like these paired with a fitted tee to show off those arm muscles! Mmhmm! Try this “Stolen People” tee from Sevenly, designed for the war against sex trafficking. Okay….and this Stowe Scarf from Krochet Kids.  My husband may find scarves completely impractical, but he wears them with a smile for me :) What a man!

FortheMen_01 For the uber practical man, let’s look at something he might actually need. Is his wallet falling apart? You can find this Kalkidan Wallet made from sustainable leather in Ethiopia through FashionABLE. My kids got it for their daddy last year, and I can tell you he loved it!

If you have a sports fanatic on your hands, I’ve got the perfect thing. You can find this indestructible adult soccer ball through TOMS Marketplace. Although its the correct size and weight for soccer, it is designed for many different sports and requires no inflation. And since we want him to look good while playing? Try this OH Crew Shirt from Ordinary Hero!

Forthemen_02 This is what shocked me the most as I was hunting down ideas for this gift guide… We all love a tech-savvy someone, right? Then. Check out these Troubadour Headphones, available through TOMS Marketplace. With every purchase, you will restore hearing to someone in need! I also love this iPhone Alarm Dock (available for several models) from Sevenly. Or if your working man could use some wall art for his office, check out this “Work Hard Stay Humble” print, also from Sevenly.


And let’s not forget about eyewear! If your man wears glasses, it would be worth your time to check out Warby Parker. If you already know his style – great! If he needs to see them on, you can have five shipped straight to you to try on in the comfort of your own home! Plus, for every pair you buy, Warby Parker gives a pair one in need. I personally love this Benson Greystone pair.

Forthemen_04 Last but least, if your man is in need of a new pair of shoes, you have a range of options to choose from! Feel free to go browse for your favorite pair of TOMS or check out the range of styles at Nisolo, but for your benefit I will share my favorites: the Black Highlands Botas and the Emilio Chukka Boot in Nior. You are welcome.

Do you feel a little more prepared to tackle your shopping lists? I sure hope so. I would love to hear your favorites in the comments below (or heck – any ideas you have to add)! More to come, but don’t forget to check out the rest of my gift guides listed HERE.


For Baby…

Did you enjoy yesterday’s gift guide for those new and expecting mamas in your life? I sure hope so, because I had fun creating it and sharing it with you. As we continue with our Purchase with a Purpose series this week, please don’t forget to comment below your faves!!!

PurchasewPurpose Although you certainly don’t want to forget the newest baby in the family during your Christmas shopping….we all know it – babies don’t need anything! Who you really are shopping for is mom, right?

I’m always searching for the right thing to gift a baby, and after searching high and low…I think I’ve finally done it!

To start off – let’s remember its winter. It’s cold, and baby can’t have too many beanies and cold-weather clothing to warm him or her up. So check out this adorable combo from The Little Market! As if babies weren’t cute enough on their own, now we’ll just make them look like a cuddle Little Bear with these matching booties, beanie and mittens. Precious, right?

For Baby_01 But since they’ve got to be warm indoors too, why not snuggle them up in this hand woven baby blanket made in Ethiopia by Parker Clay! I want one in ever color!

Facing facts though, baby is going to need some necessities too.  This Honest Company travel set is available through TOMS Marketplace and helps support… And does anyone else have trouble finding a chic way to store all those necessities in your baby’s nursery? These stacked baskets from Silver Dot are available from The Little Market and would be perfect for just that!

ForBaby_02 Okay…one more. Are you ready? Baby bibs! You know you need them, so why not make them an accessory! You can find these Batik baby bibs from Johari Creations that will really bring a pop of pattern to any onesie! :)

Alright friends, I’ll let you go to do some much-needed shopping! But I’ll be back so don’t forget to check back for even ideas.


For the Mamaista…

As promised, today starts a new series close to my heart: Purchase With A Purpose. Instead of bombarding you with the many, many companies who will partner with you to make a difference with each purchase…I decided to break them down by categories. I hope you enjoy!!!

PurchasewPurpose This first gift guide is for the Mamaista in your life. Whether expecting a bundle of joy or recovering from the birth of her child, this mama is in dire need of some pampering. Well-deserved and much-appreciated pampering.

And while she appreciates all those goodies for her baby, it is due time that she receives a little something for herself. Something to make her feel a little more….well, her. (We’ve all been there, right?) The period of time after your baby is born can be a challenge for new moms. It’s easy to lose yourself to all the demands of your little one, not to mention the sleepless nights. What every mom needs is some stylish staples so she can step out of the house in style with little effort.

A Wrap Top from Raven and Lily is the perfect piece for the new mom in your life. The wrap style is great for nursing and for hiding a little extra baby weight. Black is also slimming and goes with everything.

Mamaista_01 We all know that fancy jewelry and little fingers can be a recipe for disaster. So to accessorize a new mama, this simplistic Gold Bar Necklace from Nika Collective is understated, yet stunning. It would also pair perfectly with this Hammered Ring from Red Earth and the Calypso Earrings from noonday collection. Together it would add a touch of elegance to any outfit. The ring is void of any sharp edges that might scratch your baby’s precious face and I can tell you….those earrings go with ANYTHING!

To unwind after a long day, who wouldn’t enjoy an elegant pair of pajamas from Punjammies? I do t know about you but I could live in those. I just picture myself curling up on the couch with this while journaling in this Woodland Journal from Noonday Collection to help me keep track of all those firsts I’m surely to forget due to all the sleep deprivation. Just me! I didn’t think so! ;-)

Mamaista_02 So what do you think….can you find anything for that new mom in your life? Or are you just adding to your list? ;)

Make sure to stop by again tomorrow to get some shopping inspiration for that Mamaista’s new baby!!!