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  • PWAP // For Students

    I would venture a guess that most of you have at least one student in your life you are shopping for this holiday season. Whether that’s a smart-talking highschooler who thinks they know more than you or your beloved spouse […]

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  • PWAP // For Your Man

    My husband always winds up being one of the most challenging people for me to shop for each year. Which seems very strange to me, considering he is the one I know the best. But I think it’s a combination […]

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  • PWAP // For Kids

    Our kids are spoiled rotten. They have a life here in America, that children around the world wouldn’t even know to dream of – it is beyond their wildest imagination. While I am keenly aware of that every day, the […]

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  • Purchase with a Purpose 2015

    Christmas always has, and always will be one of my favorite times of year. I love the family get-togethers, the meal planning and silly traditions. I love the never-ending heaps of baked treats served with hot cocoa and candy canes. […]

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  • Winter Faves

    What do you do when you catch your self moping or complaining about seemingly everything? I always stop this negative behavior in my kids and tell them to quickly list 3 things that they are grateful for. They also help […]

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  • Hey, Remember Me?

    So yeah, it’s been a while. But I’m not apologizing about it, remember? But please don’t interpret that. I still miss you. Dearly.
    It’s just…moving takes a toll. On all of us! And while my kids are adjusting remarkably well, they […]

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  • 5 Things I’ve Learned About Moving

    I am coming to you after a long blogging hiatus to give you an update…and as a drastic change of pace, I refuse to apologize for my absence! I have a huge tendency to work towards pleasing everyone around me […]

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  • Home Tour

    You guys. I can’t even. I am so excited to finally give you the opportunity to tour my home!

    We have worked seemingly endless hours finishing all our projects for our #hometransformation2015 and I can hardly believe the time has come […]

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  • How To Dress After 30

    This is part seven of the 7 day #feelgoodblogging challenge hosted by Alex Beadon!
    If you would like to take part in this blogging challenge you can follow THIS LINK to sign up!
    If you would like to read all my posts from this challenge […]

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  • Coffee in July

    This is part six of the 7 day #feelgoodblogging challenge hosted by Alex Beadon!
    If you would like to take part in this blogging challenge you can follow THIS LINK to sign up!
    Friends. It’s July.
    How did this happen? Weren’t we just stumbling through the […]

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