10 Food-Free Valentine Ideas


Our school is one of many that have started enforcing the no-food rule. While I know there is a lot of debate on this topic between moms, it is a decision that I am rather okay with. While it may take a little more thought and creativity when it comes to birthday treats and Valentines…it takes the pressure off when I don’t have to prepare 20 perfect snacks and live up to the mom competition.

For Hollywood’s birthday we did temporary tattoos – which were a huge hit! And although Target had some pretty cute Valentine-themed ones, we decided to shake things up a bit. With a little inspiration from Pinterest, we found lots of great food-free ideas for Valentine’s Day! Today I thought I would share with you all my favorites, as well as Hollywood’s final decision.

TDD_FoodFreeValentineIdeas 10. You Rule, Valentine

I love this idea! It is so simplistic and adorable, not to mention useful! Find the instructions and printable here at Relocated Living to make your own!

9. Color Your Heart Out

Crayon Hearts
I love the idea of these homemade heart crayons from The Nerd’s Wife. If you already have the silicone mold, this is super affordable as well! And there’s just something about coloring with a funky shaped crayon, right? My kids just think it’s the coolest!

8. You’re Just The Write Friend For Me

My husband was obsessed with the idea of pencils for Valentine’s this year. Okay. Admittedly obsessed is probably too strong of a word…but it was his vote, for sure! I thought this free printable at One She Two She would be perfect if you decided on the pencil route.

7. Love Bug

While these may take a little extra time cutting, you can’t beat the cuteness of these Love Bug Valentines from Dandee! And I bet you these would be a hit with both boys and girls.

6. I Wheelie Like You

wheelie valentine
This is another option I seriously considered. What little boy doesn’t like cars. But it just came down to finding a good deal and at the time I was shopping I wasn’t finding cars for less than $1 a piece. Still pretty reasonable thought, especially when you can use the free printable at Thirty Handmade Days!

5. You Make My Heart Glow

Heart Glow
I love the sweet and simple design. This is totally affordable if you buy the 15 pack of glow sticks for $1 at Target! Plus you can find a few different versions of the free printable at Craftiness is Not Optional or the black and white one from Delia Creates (which is honestly my favorite).

4. You Brighten My Day

By far, these heart sunglasses from Tomkat Studio make for one of my favorite Valentine ideas! But while I may consider it for my own kids, it’s just a little out of my budget for a classroom of 20. Unless there is maybe a cheaper option out there??? Let me know if you find one.

3. You Make My Heart Bounce

While browsing the Valentine’s aisle at Target, (Hmmm…I might have an obsession with Target, btw!) we stumbled upon some pretty cute bouncy balls that would be perfect for this adorable Valentine from The Crafting Chicks! It was only my personal hatred for bouncy balls that made me shoot this idea down, at least for now. (Please tell me I’m not the only one that finds them stashed in the strangest corners around the house! Hey – at least there aren’t chunks bit out of them anymore.)

2. May The Force Be With You

I’ll admit, this is the one I was pushing for given Hollywood’s current obsession with both Lego’s and Star Wars. I thought this was so clever when I saw Cinnaberry Suite’s photo on Pinterest! I guess I’ll just save the idea for another year. But you can find the free printable at Stitch Craft Creations.

and…. 1. You Blow Me Away

Although the Star Wars Glow Sticks were a close runner up, Hollywood ultimately decided that bubbles were the way to go when he stumbled upon the adorable ones at Target. And thanks to the free printable over at Lil’ Luna – it was a very affordable option! Not to mention they turned out sooo cute (although I’ll be the first to admit…they don’t hold a candle to Lil’ Luna’s glittered heart perfection)! I can’t wait to show you!

So I’m curious, friends! Does your school ban food-based treats as well? How do you feel about it? I would also love to hear what your favorite food-free Valentine ideas are! I’m sure I missed several clever ones yet. Let me know in the comments below!


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