Back To School: Gap


Whether you have been following along for a while or this is your first time here, I just wanted to say WELCOME! I’m glad you are here.

This week I have been sharing my favorite back to school shopping spots. As I mentioned before, this is the first year I’m sending a kid off from school. So while I am posting my favorite fashions, I would love to hear from you veterans how different brands have held up during the school year for your family! So please don’t forget to chime in in the comments below!

Today’s top picks come from Gap Kids. I know, right? The classics. For the most part, Gap is a little over my budget. I mean, who likes to drop a lot of money on kids that are sprouting up and outgrowing their clothes in a matter of months?!? Not me, that’s for sure. I’d rather spend that money on my own clothes that I will wear until they have holes (and often far beyond that), thank you very much.

That being said, I chose to share some picks from here ANYWAY simply because…there are certain things I am willing to spend a little more on.


1. Boys Beanie / 2.  Boys Convertible Plaid Shirt / 3. Boys Camo Backpack
4. Boys Skinny Jeans / 5. Boys Lace-Up Sneakers

For one – their skinny jeans! Both my kids are beanpoles (skinny and tall) and I have a hard time finding jeans that fit them. We can always find a true fit with Gap’s skinny jeans. Always. Plus…they hold up far better than any other jeans I can find locally. Even when the knees get holes, they wear out in that trendy distressed way (you know, rather than ripping seam to seam and looking awful).

Shoes are another thing I’m willing to spend a little more on. I don’t buy every pair here (in fact if you’ve been following along, I’m sure you saw me mention my love of H&M shoes). But nothing is more frustrating than a pair of shoes wearing out before they even outgrow them, right? With an exception of a couple cheap pairs for running around and being wild, I try to always have at least one pair of GOOD shoes that can take a beating and still look nice. Hollywood’s boots, being a prime example.

Photo Credit: Mike Fiechtner Photography
Photo Credit: Mike Fiechtner Photography

Now if I am going to be completely honest with you, I will say that for the most part, little girl’s clothes at Gap are a little to plain Jane for me. Everybody needs some neutrals and classic pieces in their wardrobe, and that’s what I find here. But for the truly “fun” stuff there are other stops I will make first.


1. Girls Wide Brim Fedora / 2. Girls Boxy Zip Sweater / 3. Girls Denim Jacket
4. Girls Moto Skinnies / 5. Girls Starry Messenger Bag (sold out since creating this post)
6. Girls Caramel Ballet Flats

Denim jackets, jeans, and sweaters are all things that will stay in style season after season. I try to buy them with a little room (without looking too baggy) so that my little lady can wear them for several months (sometimes years…she is a peanut after all) before retiring them to the “too small” bin.

I can’t forget to mention backpacks! Besides my pure disdain of character school supplies and clothing, (sorry – I said it!) I have heard from so many moms how they don’t hold up through the school year. I happily spend a little more on backpacks from places like Gap in hopes we can get more than a year out of it (maybe…I hear how crazy those Kindy kids are too)!


Be sure to also check out my picks from H&M and Target!

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