Back To School: H&M


Facebook is evidence that a lot of you all over the country have already started school, but we still have a couple weeks to cram in some last minute shopping before sending my Lil Hollywood off to Kindergarten.

Our life is soooo about to change permanently. Eeek!

I have a lot of friends ask where I find my kids’ fashion, so this week I thought I would share some of my favorite places to shop as well as some of our family’s top picks.

To top the list of must-hit stores, sits H&M. I sought out their stores that carried children’s clothing long before one moved right into our mall. Since then it has been one of my first stops when I’m in need of clothing for my littles.

I love the affordability of the items they carry. I have found that they hold up pretty well to wear and tear too. Not perfectly…we get holes in our pants like everyone else! But at least I know it won’t break the bank when I need to replace a pair.


1. Boys Leather Belt / 2. Boys Tshirt / 3. Boys Padded Vest
4. Boys Slim Jeans / 5. Boys Hi Tops

Hollywood has a definite sense of his own personal style, so he was a great help picking our favorites during our school shopping trip (Which we totally did with just the two of us, by the way. A lot less stressful when I can put all the focus on him).


We bought these shoes in a different color last season and they held up so well! We are waiting to buy another pair until he grows out his current ones, but I would highly recommend it!

My little lady isn’t in school this year, so although I’ve been perusing the big girl aisles, I’m sticking to the bare necessities for her. These don’t all fit that list, but they would certainly top my list if we were school shopping!


1. Girls Fur Vest / 2. Girls Knit Sweater / 3. Girls Scarf
4. Girls Fringe Boots / 5. Girls Blouse / 6. Girls Printed Treggings

Ok so we might have a bit of an obsession with fun and funky patterns. But mixing and matching is part of the fun, right? I love that at H&M, I can find those fun and trendy pieces there that I can’t find at other stores. Who doesn’t love dressing their kid like a mini me???

I have nothing but great things to say about their treggings. My little Cocoa has a hard time with the thick fabric of jeans (because a girls gotta dance!) so she prefers these much more.

If you have shopped at H&M for your kids, I would love to hear how they hold up for others as well as your favorite pieces you have spotted this season! Please share in the comments below!

Coming soon: more kids shopping!!!


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