Beat the Heat in Style


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A heat wave is taking over Seattle. Yes, you heard that correctly!

For those of you who have heard about Seattle weather and the rain that plagues us year round, this might surprise you. Truth be told, it has been quite a surprise to us locals as well! Heat to this extreme, (don’t laugh you southerners!) especially as early as June, is not something we are accustomed to. Our June average temp was a whopping 78.8! That is the highest it has been in over a decade! And here’s the proof (in case you needed it)!

For those of you who live in climates that surpass this most of the year…let me just say that the humidity is high and we don’t have AC. And we are used to rain all year…so we are kind of wusses when it comes to summer weather. *wink*

But I digress.

For those of us who are melting away in the Seattle heat wave, we could all use a little refresher on how to dress for summer weather. Because ladies – high temps are not an excuse to throw all fashion rules out the window! You can still look stellar all while beating the heat. I am here to help!


Number 1 // Invest in a tinted moisturizer

The summer heat will melt off even your best make up efforts at this time of year, but that doesn’t mean you need a naked face. If you are like me and still have some uneven skin tones you would rather not bare to the world, then I would highly suggest a tinted moisturizer. Most of them have some sort of SPF built in – so you can have your sunscreen and foundation covered in one quick swipe! Top with a little powder to set. Add some waterproof mascara and a bold lip. (Aaaand maybe fill in your brows if you’re a blondie like me!) Your face is ready to roll!

How’d you like that? Quick! Easy! Simplified! Beautiful!

I use the Tinted Moisturizer by Elf in both Nude and Beige. Depending on my level of tan I use one or the other, or sometimes even mix them to find the perfect shade. It may not be the best rated product on the market, but it fits my budget and does it’s job!

Number 2 // Flats are your friend

Okay. There is a slight possibility I may be alone on this one. Or at least a minority. But when the temps (and therefore humidity) go up, my feet swell up like sausages. Gross? Yes. Over exaggeration? Unfortunately, no.

The easiest solution to combating sausage toes (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit) is to trade in your heels for some flats. At least temporarily! Sandals are the best choice over closed toed shoes for the ventiliation! But beware of the cheapo flip flops, friends! While its great to have some around your house for running around your yard, too much time spent in this unsupportive sham of a shoe could leave you with achy soles and in need of a back rub. Opt for something stylish with a little extra support. Your back will thank me later.

TDD_Sandals Talking from experience here, friends! (via Instagram)

Number 3 // Choose heat-friendly fabrics

There’s that fine line, when choosing clothes for warm summer days, between a light weight fabric and one you will sweat through. Now am I right, or am I right?

Save yourself the embarrassment of sweat spots by choosing the right fabrics. Generally speaking, natural fabrics, as opposed to synthetics, are a better choice for breathability. Linen is a really airy and absorbent option while polyester will cling to you and take longer to dry out. Make sense?

You can also save yourself some misery by choosing lighter colors over dark, as well as styles that drape away from the body. The less fabric you have touching your skin, the cooler and more comfortable you will be.

Number 4 // Cover the assets

I know what you’re thinking, but you’re wrong. I’m not going there. Modesty talks are not my thing. Just ask my mom.

What I’m talking about here…is your hair. You spend hours, not to mention $$$ to keep your strands healthy, glossy, and perfectly toned. Don’t screw it all up with over exposure in the sun! There are several easy (and trendy) options to keep your hair covered when you are enjoying the great outdoors.

The easiest option is a with a hat. Choose something with a wide brim, for the most coverage. You can either toss your hair on top of your head and cover it with the hat, or wrap it in a low messy bun or braid. Either way, you’re shielding your hair from those unwanted rays!

TDD_AnniversaryCruise_38 (Flashback to our cruise)

A scarf is another chic option. Just add a couple bracelets and a long pendant around your neck and you’ll be rocking the bohemian vibe in no time!

If neither of those options appeal to you, at the very least it would be wise to mist your hair down with a protectant spray. I love THIS one from Pravana Nevo.

Number 5 // Stay hydrated

Obvious or not, it needs to be said. Keeping your body hydrated is the best way to beat the heat. So drink plenty of water and stock up on water-rich foods (like watermelon…mmmm!) and try to enjoy the summer while it lasts!

If you need a twist on just plain ‘ole water…try a refreshing recipe for fruit-infused water! Or if you are feeling remarkably lazy (as I am most summer days), you can try my latest go to – three drops of Lemon essential oil in a glass of water!

TDD_Siggy What are your favorite ways to keep cool during the summer?

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