Bumpdate – 22 weeks

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22 weeks

A few pieces here and there. Honestly, my big frustration is that people can’t tell I’m pregnant unless I’m wearing fitted clothes. My fitted clothes don’t fit over the belly…and yet, my only options for maternity clothes here are Target (slim pickings right now) and Motherhood Maternity (over-priced and low quality). Shopping online has been a bit tricky since every shop seems to fit me a bit differently. I do have a Stitch Fix coming this week (did YOU know they had maternity clothes?!?)…so I’ll post pics when it comes so you can help me decide.

Sleep has been a bit better since I bought myself a maternity pillow. But I’m still trying to train myself not to sleep on my back and getting up several times a night to pee. But it could be a lot worse…I try not to complain.

The kids felt the baby kick for the first time this week. Cocoa had her hands on my belly and was talking to baby as it was squirming around and all of a sudden she felt it and looked at me with the widest eyes and smile! It was so precious. Hollywood isn’t as patient to just sit there with his hands on my belly but he finally got a big kick out of this little one and was thrilled!

We all got new bikes recently, so we went on a few family bike rides on the trails around our apartment. But other than that and running my children back and forth to school and such…I haven’t done a whole lot. I probably could use a little motivation in that department.

This week we definitely went from a few kicks to quite a bit of movement. The other night as we were watching TV, hubby’s hand was on my belly and this little punk kicked so hard we both jumped! Haha! We’re also starting to see my belly physically move from the outside which is so hilarious.

YES! Finally! This week I was craving chicken salad like nothing else. I might have even sent a few random texts to my husband asking him to bring me home some from his cafeteria (because they make theirs all healthy and its way better than mine)! Mmmm… This weekend we did some BBQ over at a friends and I agreed as long as I could have macaroni salad. Hm. Haven’t been able to stand pasta for the last several months but that tasted so good!

No official guess. I tell most people I have an inkling that its a girl…and yet, when I talk about the baby I usually say “he”. But my dad is guessing girl and he has a pretty great track record. Any guesses??

Every week feels like another milestone…but we are over halfway and that’s pretty huge to me.



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