Bumpdate – 24 Weeks


24 weeks! Baby is the size of an eggplant and has reached the age that, if God forbid, an emergency happened…he or she would be viable outside the womb.

We’ve had a boy name settled on for some time, but settling on a girl’s name came a lot harder for us. We had two “likes” on the girl’s forever, but were unsure if we were just waiting for the perfect middle name to pair it with or if we needed to scratch them and start over. Turns out that the more we mulled over the two, the clearer it became and one stuck out well above the other. So we are officially settled on names! But no, we aren’t sharing yet…

This week has been a game changer. This kid is dancing on my bladder, spinning and twirling and making my belly shake. And I thought Hollywood was an active one in there. This babe takes it to an entirely different level! Let’s just hope the action gets out of his or her system in utero. Wishful thinking?!? 

While this technically was our highlight of LAST week, it was most definitely our ultrasound. Since my first ultrasound was an emergency, and the second one just a follow up (and both too early to see much)…it was such a relief to just lay there and savor the moment. While I avoided orange juice that morning just for the occasion, it didn’t stop this little one. The ultrasound tech was chasing this babe all over the place and due to the non-stop movement (literally, the baby DID NOT STOP the entire appointment) our only photos were of feet and limbs. No cute profile shot for us! But all is well as long as I know this little Marshmallow is healthy.

Hormones have me on a roller coaster this week. While I really don’t have anything to complain about, I find myself in tears or straight up yelling over the tiniest things. It doesn’t help that one child in particular is feeling the need to test all the limits and make some very poor choices (right after I got done dealing with the other one…ugh). I find myself explaining to the kids often that growing a human is really hard work and it can make me feel really crazy sometimes. I don’t mean to yell and its really not their fault. Thankfully children are pretty forgiving when you fall on your sword. And bonus for me, they try to make up for it by helping with chores. 

I officially went over my pre-pregnancy weight this past week! Technically at my previous doctor’s appointment I was a half pound over, but then I spent the evening violently bent over the porcelain throne, so it was very short lived. Thankfully, baby is measuring right on target, the heartbeat is strong, and I have started to steadily gain some weight. 

Macaroni Salad has still been my go-to as of late. I may or may not have finished a 4 pound container in less than a week. But considering the previously celebrated news of my weight, I’m choosing to just go with what tastes good and not stress about it. If it stays down, I’m happy. My last craving of Jalepeno Chips did not go over so well…



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