Catch Up Over Coffee


As we are now HALF WAY through the month of May and I have yet to do a post, I thought maybe it was time to catch you all up (over coffee…what else?) on what is going on around here. Are you in? Great! Grab a cup ‘o joe (or tea if you prefer) and let’s have a good old fashioned coffee date!


I have been a little extra busy around here lately. With several big changes coming for our family right around the corner, it is causing some stress, but also a lot of excitement.

1. We sold our car. My car. My beautiful Volvo SUV. It was my dream vehicle. So why did we get rid of it? Easy. For one, it is extremely costly to repair. It simply took something as simple as the fan break to remind us of that. It was causing a lot of undue stress, on my husband especially. Two, premium fuel adds up quickly. And three…we found a comparable vehicle for half the price. So we sold ours (which we owned in full) and spent half of the cash on a new one. Even though it doesn’t have all the luxury features of a Volvo (which I truly miss), it was simply the best decision for our family’s finances. And we are VERY happy with the new (to us) one!

2. Sickness. You know those classroom germs…they just spread no matter what you do! After catching a cold, my son’s asthma flared up…and then he passed it around to the rest of us. So we spent two weeks with at least one of us sick in the house. No fun. But we made it through. Now we just need our energy back!

2. I have also been very involved at my son’s school. I joined both the PTA and the Natural Leaders group. Although it keeps my schedule very demanding, it is very rewarding for me to be so involved in my son’s class, get to know his classmates, and help organize school events. I have been so blessed by the friendships that have formed with other parents as school, as well as with our amazing school staff. I am so thankful that God called us to this school. (The very school that I’m pretty sure I said I would never send my child to when we first moved here, lol! God is funny like that! Also – don’t judge a book by it’s cover.)

3. Another thing demanding my time but I find super enjoyable? I have joined the blog team and the worship team at our church. Although I have been a part of the children’s ministry since we moved here 11 years ago, I found that the demands of parenthood were zapping my energy. To then spend my Sundays with the children’s ministry turned out to be too much for me at the moment. So after praying about it and having a long talk with my husband, I decided to switch gears. It is something I do for me (a creative outlet), and not for my kids…and anyone out there who is a parent I’m sure understands how wonderful that feels.

4. Speaking of doing something for me…my husband has been a big encourager in my life to follow my dreams, even if they are risky. So I am in pursuit of some business aspirations that require some tweaking of my blog. So if you haven been noticing some changes here and there, that’s why! I’m very excited to share them all with you! I wish I had a timeline to give you…but with everything else going on in my life right now it is hard to dedicate the time I wish I had. So in due time… Sorry to leave you hanging!

Now it’s your turn, friends! Now that you know what has been keeping my life so busy (and admittedly keeping me from blogging as much as I would like)…I want to know what is going on with you!


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