Travel Journals: [Retold] Day 6


Hello friends! Today I am continuing to retell our Travel Journals from our two trips to Ethiopia. If you are just now tuning in or are behind, feel free to go back to the beginning to catch up (or jump in at any point!) May 23, 2011 Court / Hannah’s Hope / Bethzatha Dear Cocoa, The Motrin […]

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Travel Journals: [Retold] Day 5


If you are just now tuning into our Travel Journals [Retold] – then WELCOME! You can either go back to the first post and start from the beginning or jump in at any point. These are very dear to my heart and it is my pleasure to share them with you. May 22, 2011 […]

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Travel Journals: [Retold] Day 4


I hope you are enjoying our Travel Journals so far. If you are just now tuning in or are behind, feel free to go back to the beginning to catch up (or jump in at any point!) May 21, 2011 Hannah’s Hope / Makush / Shopping Dear Cocoa, We had a better night of […]

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Travel Journals: [Retold] Day 3

I love this photo because it shows the chaos around us...and how in the moment we were...

If you are just now tuning in – welcome! If you want to start at the beginning, you can find the first post to our Travel Journals HERE. May 20, 2011 First Day at HH, Meeting Our Girl! Dear Cocoa, Happy 5 Month Birthday, Sweet Girl!!! We feel beyond blessed that TODAY of all […]

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Travel Journals [Retold] Day 2


Today is day two of our Travel Journals Retold, in celebration of the 5 year anniversary of bringing our daughter home. If you are just now tuning in…I suggest that you go back one post (or click HERE) to catch up. May 19, 2011 KLM Flight: Amsterdam to Addis Ababa Arriving in Ethiopia Dear […]

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Travel Journals: [Retold] Day 1

TDD_Travel _01_01_01

Next month marks our five year anniversary of bringing our daughter home. While my previous blog was predominantly about our adoption journey…I haven’t spoken much about it here. So in celebration of our 5th Gotcha Day, I thought it would be fun to share our travel journals (and photos) here. While this is brand […]

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Himbasha Bread


Homemade bread never fails to warm the soul. I can remember so many nights in high school, coming home late from practice and smelling my mom’s homemade bread. It was like all the stress of the day would melt away with that amazing smell.   So why is it, then, that I never made […]

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The Day I Met Her…


I have good intentions of re-posting our Ethiopia travel journals here someday, but that is not what this is. Today is remembering that life-changing moment, three years ago, when I met my daughter. It is engrained on my brain as much as my son’s birth story. I thought today, on Cocoa’s third Gotcha Day, […]

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Repost: We Got The Call!!!

Referralversary 3

Today marks three years…THREE!!!…from the day we got Cocoa’s referral. I can hardly believe it. On one hand, time has flown by. On the other, I can’t remember a day she wasn’t a part of my heart and our family. In celebrations of this milestone, I am reposting the wonderful news we were so […]

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Be a Hero


If you’ve been with me since our adoption journey, then you probably know plenty about Ordinary Hero. But for those of you who haven’t heard of them, let me enlighten you. Ordinary Hero was founded by the inspiring Kelly Putty. What began as an outreach in her own backyard morphed into something bigger than […]

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