My One Word for 2016


New Years resolutions have always seemed like a far-fetched, impossible goal I made for myself. And I think it’s pretty evident that I’m not alone in this train of thinking considering the amount of people who have already “failed” at their resolutions. Don’t get me wrong. I like the idea of bettering ourselves and […]

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PWAP // For Students

Coming Saturday!

I would venture a guess that most of you have at least one student in your life you are shopping for this holiday season. Whether that’s a smart-talking highschooler who thinks they know more than you or your beloved spouse heading back to school for a career change. Show them how much they mean to […]

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PWAP // For Your Man


My husband always winds up being one of the most challenging people for me to shop for each year. Which seems very strange to me, considering he is the one I know the best. But I think it’s a combination of his insistence that he really doesn’t need anything (which, of course, is true) […]

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PWAP // For Kids


Our kids are spoiled rotten. They have a life here in America, that children around the world wouldn’t even know to dream of – it is beyond their wildest imagination. While I am keenly aware of that every day, the Christmas season seems to hold a constant reminder everywhere I look. We seem to […]

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5 Things I’ve Learned About Moving


I am coming to you after a long blogging hiatus to give you an update…and as a drastic change of pace, I refuse to apologize for my absence! I have a huge tendency to work towards pleasing everyone around me at the cost of my own sanity. But this is not the time in […]

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Pursue your Passion


This is part two of the 7 day #feelgoodblogging challenge hosted by Alex Beadon! If you would like to take part in this blogging challenge you can follow THIS LINK to sign up! ***** I’ve never been person who loves to work. And while I struggled with owning the “stay at home mom” title, after years of […]

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Things I Thought I Would Do Before 30

I’m sure everyone hits a point in their life where they realize that things didn’t work out quite like they thought they would. We will all, of course, have our share of ups and downs. I think the key is not to dwell on the low points and to celebrate the high points. I […]

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