Oh, my Cocoa!

Seattle family photographer

This girl.  How do I accurately describe the little personality that bubbles over in this little girl?  She is… Sassy.  Wild.  Spontaneous.  Spunky.  Intense.  Adorable.  Courageous.  Mischievous.  Endearing.  Rambunctious.  Intelligent.  Manipulative.  Charming.  Sweet.  Hilarious.  Feisty.  Vivacious.  Energetic.  Diva-esque. I just adore her.  WE just adore her.  Everyone who meets her is just won over […]

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Today marks a significant milestone in our lives.  Ten years ago today, I said “I do” and committed to a lifetime of loving my best friend (although he hates being called my best friend because he says our relationship is so much more than that…sweet right?).  Although we were just children when we made […]

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Last Minute Costumes


A friend recently brought to my attention that she never saw my kid’s Halloween costumes. It’s a fact that I pulled off a classic mommy fail – forgetting to post pics of my kids costumes. Awful mommy, right? Well I’m here to redeem myself…and only two and a half weeks late haha! Being that […]

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Let’s Have a Coffee Date!

Brrr! It’s coooold over here. I don’t know about your parts of the world but we are feeling the full effects of fall here in Seattle! It might just be because we JUST came from SoCal…but I just can’t seem to warm up no matter HOW many cups of coffee I drink! I guess […]

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Hollywood is 5!

Mike Fiechtner Photography

This past week we celebrated our Hollywood’s 5th birthday. I can’t believe my oldest baby is now old enough to go to school. *SOB SOB* How is it that our littles just grow right before our eyes? It just happens all too fast. But despite how I feel about it, it is celebration time! […]

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