Cocoa Turns Four


I can’t believe another crazy December has come and gone already! After celebrating our anniversary, a birthday today, and three Christmas parties in a matter of 12 days….I am ready for a vacation!!!

TDD_Cocoa4_02 So I guess it’s official – I have a toddler no more. My beautiful Cocoa Puff has turned four and is loving every minute of it! Well, sort of. After we wished her a “Happy Birthday” she informed us that she was almost five now. Stop growing please! It was one surprise after the other for her on her special day and she was thrilled to be at the center of it all.

TDD_Cocoa4_01 As is tradition, we played 20 Questions to remember the birthday girl’s favorites year after year. These are so fun to look back on – I totally recommend doing it!

20 Questions TDD_20Questions

Happy Birthday beautiful girl! I couldn’t even begin to imagine our life without your endearing and energetic personality. You bubble over with joy and bring a smile to everyone’s face! You are truly beautiful inside and out! Here’s to another great year!


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