Coffee Dates & Changes

Coffee Date Changes

I wish I had the time and energy to meet you out for a cup of coffee and share every detail of our family’s crazy journey with you. And maybe someday I will. But for today you’ll have to settle for a blog coffee date and my random thoughts.

Coffee Date Changes

I know, I know.

My blog is under construction and I haven’t posted since November. Instagram has been a series of vague posts and none of you have any clue what is going on with me. Am I right?

The truth is – I’m not even here to apologize about it. My life has been a whirlwind of one big decision after the other for the last couple of months. I have barely been able to come up for air, let alone update the world. I have pulled back the reigns and hung up many of my “hats” that I wear in order to survive two moves in three months. We’re not crazy…we’ve got a plan! It’s just that we’ve had to prioritize things a bit. My kids are aching for extra attention. My husband and I are are focusing on creating some one on one time. And I’m itching for a creative outlet something fierce. I remind myself daily that God called us in this direction for a reason and we will make it through this season.

But it doesn’t take away the hard. Some days I ache for some adult conversation. To step away from the crazy, embrace an old friend and unwind. Some days are lonely. But it won’t last forever. And God has called me into this little family bubble for a period. I’m trying to savor it. I’m trying to hold it all together for their sake. But thankfully, I don’t have to be the rock. Because Jesus is here in it with us.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that.

There’s a lot of good going on in this family right now. We have been plans for 2016, including a new adventure for each of us. After we let the dust settle for a bit, I’m excited to sit down with my husband and map out our dreams a bit. I have been bubbling over with ideas, but the area in which I always struggle is the followthrough. I was all about the dreaming last year. If you remember, DREAM was even my #olw resolution. And yes, I’m doing that again this year. In fact, we have already been putting our #olw into action…I just have to get it in a post to share with you (that’s all).

But now that I’ve had a moment to put it all out there a bit, I’m afraid that I must step away (so soon?). My lengthy to-do list is beckoning and pick-up time is rapidly approaching.

Let’s not go this long between coffee dates again, okay? You have my permission to pester me if I forget.



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