Don’t Cry, Mom!

Ready for picture overload?!? It's that time of year again.
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Welp. It’s been an extra long minute since my we’ve spoken. I’ve been a hot mess over here, let’s just be honest. Why? Well…’cause it’s official. I’m a loner. What?!? No, it’s true. Let me explain…

A couple weeks ago, I dropped my baby girl off for her first day of school. Maybe it was extra hard on me because she never went to preschool. Or maybe it was because she is my baby. It also might have been that time of the month. We’ll never know… Somehow though, I held it together. I didn’t cry. But I had a busy week preparing for our beloved guests from out of town (my in-laws) and so let’s just say it was a good distraction.

Then we had family in town and yes, it was a bit crazy with it being the first week of school…but it was wonderful. And then they left and I crashed. Hard. Maybe it was the rush of emotions or the early morning wake-ups wearing on me. I sat in this foggy daze, sipping coffee and accomplishing precisely nothing for a long while.

So that brings us to now. And that’s why I’ve been a silent, unresponsive blob. But it’s time to pull my big girl panties up and motivate myself to get a routine in order. But maybe after sharing more about the big first day of school…

Hollywood has been anxiously awaiting the first day of 2nd grade. When I look back, I kind of feel like he got jipped these last two years of school. In Kindy, my husband had a huge career change which kind of threw our whole family out of whack. And in first grade, we not only moved out of the only home he ever knew…but then moved again a few months later out of state and started a brand new school. No one can blame him for having a rough start to elementary. So this year felt like a fresh start for him especially. The night before school started, he had such a hard time falling asleep. He was kicking his legs and squealing out of pure delight. It was such a refreshing change! There was zero anxiety at all (which helped calm me down).

/ 2ND GRADE / This boy who hated school last year, laid in bed kicking and squeaking with delight about the start of a new year last night. I have a feeling it's going to be a great year! * * * * #2ndgrader #welcometo2ndgrade #backtoschool #kidfashion #oldnavystyle

For Cocoa, this was something brand spanking new. She has never been to preschool and spent the entire summer going back and forth with anxiety and excitement. But once August hit, she could not WAIT to go to school like a big girl. We got to do the school shopping and buy a backpack and lunch box…she was just over the moon. Was... Until the night before. She laid in bed literally bawling, so upset about school and leaving mommy all alone. [Um…I’m sorry, but did I ever say I was upset about a little alone time? Um, no. Upset about my baby girl being so grown up? Maybe…but not about 3 hours of peace and quiet.] It took all we had in us to calm her down and get her asleep. And then the next morning? Back to excitement. Phew!

So the first day of school went off without a hitch. [Hmm…just realized I don’t even know what that saying exactly means, just that my mom used to say it all the time so it just kinda flows out of my mouth?!?] Both the kids love their teachers [Cocoa says she knows hers is the best because all the older kids stop by to say hi to her all the time, haha!] and had a great day. Hollywood has this fresh new attitude and focus that has me beaming. Cocoa expressed that she was a little surprised that there is actual work involved in this whole school deal…leave it to her to think it is all fun and social! But it seems we are off to a great school year.

Now if only mama can figure out her schedule…

So tell me how your kids’ first day of school went! What was the most memorable part?



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