Leather and Lace


Texture is a big part of my thought process when putting together an outfit. I really love to mix two (or more) contrasting textures to create a really dimensional look that intrigues the eye.

TDD_Lace_02 For todays looked, I mixed the edgy feel you get from black leather (or pleather, in this case) with the soft, feminine touch of the lace blouse.

TDD_Lace_04 I love the way opposites attract and give interest to an otherwise, pretty neutral outfit. Of course, I gave it a little pop of color with the burgundy tank underneath the blouse.

TDD_Lace_01 To accessorize this look, I went to my Noonday stash (an always favorite). I wanted a little pop of color and a little sheen.

TDD_Lace_03 This statement necklace is one of my favorites because of the vibrant jewel tones. Even better, it uses both silver and gold tones, so I can wear it with about anything!

TDD_Lace_05 The metallic earrings bring a bit of sheen to the outfit and pull out the tones of the necklace as well. I always love to pull my hair back a bit on one side when I’m wearing some spectacular earrings!


Shop This Look:
Blouse: Boutique in Carlsbad, CA (Similar)
Tank: Old (Similar)
Skirt: Windsor (Similar)
Booties: Target (Similar)
Earrings: Noonday Collection
Necklace: Noonday Collection

I’ve talked to you before about how I shop my closet. That means that most of the items I show you, you will no longer be able to find in the stores anymore. But don’t let that discourage you. If you like today’s outfit – use it as inspiration to put together something that is uniquely YOU! Here are a couple leather and lace options I found that look lovely…

Faux Leather Liquid Leggings – Brickyard Buffalo
Faux Leather Midi – Windsor
Faux Leather Peplum – Francesca’s

Chelsea Lace Skirt – Francesca’s
It Matters To Me Sweater – Red Dress Boutique
Lace Peplum Top – Windsor


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  • Adrian

    Hi Mimi, I love your blog and originally came here as a fellow adoptive mother. I have one question/comment. When I look at your blog, the photos are HUGE! I can’t see the whole image. It didn’t use to do this. It makes it hard to view the images. Do you have any suggestions? It may be (my own) user error. Keep up the great work.Thanks!

    • Thank you so much Adrian for your comment. It is an issue I became aware of while visiting family for the holidays. I am working to fix it, I just haven’t quite figured that out yet. I appreciate you notifying me of the problem and I hope to find a solution soon.

      Thanks for visiting and I hope to “see” you around here again!