SF Bucket List


Ever since those good ‘ole days, when you stayed in on Friday nights so you wouldn’t miss an episode of Full House, I have longed to visit and experience the city of San Francisco. With recent Netflix release of the show’s sequel, Fuller House, (anyone else binge watching this weekend?) that longing has been reignited. […]

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Top Moments of 2015


2015 was a big year for our family. As I mentioned before, it was a year of dreaming and wondering what God had in store for us. Sometimes in those seasons of waiting, we get lost in the frustration of the unknown. And while I certainly had moments of that during the last year, […]

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5 Ways To Fight Frizz


No matter who you are, or what your skill set is…every single one of us is familiar with a bad hair day. After a bit of a climate change from our last move, my hair has been struggling with a case of the frizzies. While it is unavoidable to a certain degree, I’ll be […]

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My One Word for 2016


New Years resolutions have always seemed like a far-fetched, impossible goal I made for myself. And I think it’s pretty evident that I’m not alone in this train of thinking considering the amount of people who have already “failed” at their resolutions. Don’t get me wrong. I like the idea of bettering ourselves and […]

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PWAP // For Students

Coming Saturday!

I would venture a guess that most of you have at least one student in your life you are shopping for this holiday season. Whether that’s a smart-talking highschooler who thinks they know more than you or your beloved spouse heading back to school for a career change. Show them how much they mean to […]

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PWAP // For Your Man


My husband always winds up being one of the most challenging people for me to shop for each year. Which seems very strange to me, considering he is the one I know the best. But I think it’s a combination of his insistence that he really doesn’t need anything (which, of course, is true) […]

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PWAP // For Kids


Our kids are spoiled rotten. They have a life here in America, that children around the world wouldn’t even know to dream of – it is beyond their wildest imagination. While I am keenly aware of that every day, the Christmas season seems to hold a constant reminder everywhere I look. We seem to […]

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Purchase with a Purpose 2015

/ PWAP /

Christmas always has, and always will be one of my favorite times of year. I love the family get-togethers, the meal planning and silly traditions. I love the never-ending heaps of baked treats served with hot cocoa and candy canes. I love teaching my children the art of gift-giving for their family and friends. […]

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