Reflect Your Style


Phew! I’m exhausted you guys!

It has been a busy couple weeks in this household. Between the lack of sleep and the amount of projects we have been trying to tackle, that Spring makeover list is getting attacked (I’ll update you on that more later). Although I won’t lie, it looks like we will certainly be extending it into the Summer. No biggie though. I’d rather have it done right, even if we have to save up and take longer to complete it.

Today, I am brimming with excitement about finally getting started on that master bathroom! When One Kings Lane contacted me about helping them out with their “Reflect Your Style” campaign, I jumped at the opportunity to start planning and designing the space I’ve been dreaming about in my head for…oooh about seven years! And the part I am super excited about is having a vanity that is all mine.

Currently, I am sharing one bathroom with my entire family. That means I get two small drawers to myself. And yes, I have completely given up on organizing them because toothpaste covered fingers are rifling through them at an alarming rate. I have found it impossible to keep clean.

In our new bathroom, I not only get drawers to myself. My husband has agreed let me put it a makeup vanity! So along with choosing tile, and paint, and towels I get to choose mirrors, and a stool, and cute little decorative accents (okay so maybe that part will trickle in later, but they certainly take part in the planning process)!



I browsed around One Kings Lane for inspiration. It turned out to be a perfect space for me to look because they carry a variety of elegant pieces for me mix and match. Not to mention, they have new items to browse daily. I found exactly what I was looking for a put together a mood board to show you!


1. Bathroom Inspiration 2. Hurricane 3. Vevey Mirror 4. Elephant Stool 5. White Vanity
6. Mindy Kaling Quote 7. Peony 8. Mirrored Tray 9. Jewelry Organization

When designing a space of your own like this, I think it is so important that it reflects your personal style. With all the other areas of my home, the style is a reflexion of us as a family (well, mostly us as a couple). It’s rare that I get to design a space just for me. Even though the space in itself is small, I want it to make a statement, just like any outfit I would wear.

I started out by creating an inspiration board on Pinterest. I pinned anything that spoke to me in terms of that specific room. I’ve been doing this over the course of a couple months and it has helped me to see an overall theme. I’m going for an industrial yet glamorous feel, with possibly some rustic touches. Does that seem contradictory to you? Probably, because it is. I think the fact that they are so completely opposite in design is what makes them such an attractive pairing to me. And it’s okay…you don’t have to agree! It is my space, after all.

The tiling will consist of white subway tiles in the shower and on the walls, and slate on the floor. I think the stark contrast will be beautiful. (I really can’t wait to get started!) Besides the gold hardware and maybe a few small pops of color in the accessories, the space will be mostly neutral.

TDD_Tile Source

After choosing a basic theme and color scheme, the first step in designing the vanity area was for me to choose a mirror, which I think of as the focal point of the space. Because of my neutral walls, I fell in love with the idea of an oversized gold frame. One Kings Lane also has this amazing mirror resource page to aid you in the process of choosing a mirror.

As far as the vanity itself, I really want something crisp and bright. As beautiful as a mirrored finish would be, I also know how messy makeup application can be (anyone with me on that?). Not to mention…hairspray residue on a mirror? That would be a PAIN to clean up. So I am thinking a streamlined, simplistic white desk would look best.



I picked out some Moroccan inspired towels ages ago that are just sitting in my closet, begging to be used. So when choosing other accessories for my vanity, I wanted to pull from that design for inspiration. I thought the elephant stool, the tray, and the hurricane did an excellent job of that. As a girl who loves to travel, I love to pull design inspiration from all over the world and incorporate into my home.

Now comes the hard part of turning my vision into a reality. But with a start date officially marked on the calendar, I know the end is in sight!


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