Stitch Fix #4

TDD Stitch Fix Review

Somehow it’s already been a year since my last fix…the one I did right before our anniversary cruise – only my favorite one ever! My stylist has a big shoes to fill this time :)

I was so excited to see this baby at my doorstep today. I saved up some birthday money so I could splurge on something fun! I opened it with high hopes, but to be completely honest, was a teensy bit disappointed. There wasn’t a whole lot of color and a lot of it looked like items already in my closet. But just for you – I will do a thorough review and let you if I made the right choice in what I kept!!

TDD Stitch Fix Review

1. Alessandria Crochet Bib Lace Top by Brixon Ivy – SEND BACK

I was excited when I initially saw a bit of lace peeking out of the tissue paper. I’m sure it’s no secret that I love feminine details and this one did not disappoint. I love the big collar and the beautiful bohemian detail of it. I thought it was rather clever that it came with a cami to go underneath it. However, since I already have a few lace tops, this one is not going to be a keeper.



2. Brookline Mix Material Sweater by Market & Spruce – KEEP

My initial reaction was disappointment when I saw this neutral – toned sweater. Not only is it similar to a sweater already in my closet (although admittedly, is quite pilled and could use a replacement), but it just seemed blah. After trying it on, I had very mixed feelings. It’s quite a heavy sweater…so I’m wondered if it would really get a lot of use. But I loved the detail on the back. You unzip it and this sheer fabric peeks out! Y’all know I love anything with a little twist. Ultimately, I decided to hold on to this one. Even if it hides in the closet until fall, I know it will get a lot of use eventually.



3. Niki Cropped Skinny Jean by Dear John – SEND BACK

Although I asked for boyfriend jeans, my stylist informed me they were out of stock in my size. So when she saw floral pants on my Stitchfixperation board, she immediately thought of these. They fit great and were really fun and different…I was a bit torn, considering they didn’t mesh with what was currently in my closet. Not to mention, I literally have two pairs of pants that kinda fit me right now….so I was really hoping for a good pair of versatile jeans. Ahhhh! You can see my dilemma, right? Ultimately, I had to follow my own advice and ask myself if I really loved it. Liked? Yes. But love it I did not.


4. Raphael Denim Jacket by Liverpool – SEND BACK

Although this is a perfect fit, as well as a very chic denim jacket. I already have a worn in, slightly distressed version that I am obsessed with and I don’t see the point of having two in my closet. Would you agree?


5. Mallorie Beaded Chevron Necklace by Zad – SEND BACK

Although this necklace has beautiful detail, I can’t deny the fact that I already have a chevron necklace. I think I will save the money and buy something that stands out a little more and makes a difference (maybe Noonday?).


So what do you think about my choices? Even though I sent most of the items back, I have to give a pat on the back to my stylist this time. She really nailed my style, and added in one risky piece (that unfortunately just didn’t pay off this time). The only reason most of them went back to their home at Stitch Fix was because it already existed in my wardrobe.


Am I disappointed that I didn’t get a fix that I could keep in it’s entirety? Yes – I always think that is fun, not to mention you get the added bonus of getting 25% off! But…I probably didn’t have the budget to keep it all anyway so it certainly made my decision easier.

If you have been itching to take some chances in your wardrobe and haven’t given Stitch Fix a try, I would encourage you to do so! It is a really fun change of pace and helps you try things that you maybe would not have tried otherwise. Please don’t forget to use my REFERRAL LINK – it helps me out with a $25 credit. Which in turn, allows me to do more reviews for you!


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