Fro’s on the Fourth


Happy Independence Day, friends!!! We are thrilled to take part in the annual Fro’s on the Fourth celebration. While Cocoa and I have a love/hate relationship with her tight little curls right now, we thought it was important to celebrate the hair God gave her. But before I reveal her fabulous fro for 2015, […]

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TDD_10 Things

Thirty. It’s kind of hard to swallow, friends! I’m not sitting here crying or freaking out…but for some reason it is still hard to say it. Thirty. 30. Huh? Who would have thought? Part of me feels way too young to actually be at this point in my life. The other party of me […]

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Things I Thought I Would Do Before 30

I’m sure everyone hits a point in their life where they realize that things didn’t work out quite like they thought they would. We will all, of course, have our share of ups and downs. I think the key is not to dwell on the low points and to celebrate the high points. I […]

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He’s an Old Man


It’s something we kid about in this house a lot lately – being old. It usually starts with me taking a jab at my man in order to make myself feel better about my impending 30th birthday. Not that I’m all that bent out of shape about it. But here’s the thing about me […]

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10 Food-Free Valentine Ideas


Our school is one of many that have started enforcing the no-food rule. While I know there is a lot of debate on this topic between moms, it is a decision that I am rather okay with. While it may take a little more thought and creativity when it comes to birthday treats and […]

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Cocoa Turns Four


I can’t believe another crazy December has come and gone already! After celebrating our anniversary, a birthday today, and three Christmas parties in a matter of 12 days….I am ready for a vacation!!! So I guess it’s official – I have a toddler no more. My beautiful Cocoa Puff has turned four and is […]

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It might as well have been yesterday that I took my father’s arms and firmly told him, “Don’t you dare say anything that will make me cry” right before the double doors opened to a crowd full of people, eyes all on me. I should have been used to the spotlight by now. Years […]

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