We moved to this dainty, sun-filled apartment the first week of January. And while a lot of it is starting to feel right at home, there are still boxes and bins of things that don’t fit. And there are stacks of decor items that I haven’t found the perfect spot for. The nice thing […]

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Hey, Remember Me?


So yeah, it’s been a while. But I’m not apologizing about it, remember? But please don’t interpret that. I still miss you. Dearly. It’s just…moving takes a toll. On all of us! And while my kids are adjusting remarkably well, they do need a lot of mama time right now. And let’s not forget┬áto […]

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Home Tour


You guys. I can’t even. I am so excited to finally give you the opportunity to tour my home! We have worked seemingly endless hours finishing all our projects for our #hometransformation2015 and I can hardly believe the time has come that we can say it – WE ARE DONE! We have poured our […]

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