One Little Word for 2017


New Year’s resolutions have become a huge tradition in many peoples’ lives. Come the first of the year, they set their goals and intentions for the year. While I’m sure there are at least a few who thrive and tackle these goals…the unfortunate majority fall short and give up well before they turn their […]

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SF Bucket List


Ever since those good ‘ole days, when you stayed in on Friday nights so you wouldn’t miss an episode of Full House, I have longed to visit and experience the city of San Francisco. With recent Netflix release of the show’s sequel, Fuller House, (anyone else binge watching this weekend?) that longing has been reignited. […]

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My One Word for 2016


New Years resolutions have always seemed like a far-fetched, impossible goal I made for myself. And I think it’s pretty evident that I’m not alone in this train of thinking considering the amount of people who have already “failed” at their resolutions. Don’t get me wrong. I like the idea of bettering ourselves and […]

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Pursue your Passion


This is part two of the 7 day #feelgoodblogging challenge hosted by Alex Beadon! If you would like to take part in this blogging challenge you can follow THIS LINK to sign up! ***** I’ve never been person who loves to work. And while I struggled with owning the “stay at home mom” title, after years of […]

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Courage to Dream


I have had a couple nay-sayers in my life who discouraged me while I was at the vital point of making decisions for my future. They pointed out flaws in my plans. They warned me of taking risks. They presented me with “safer” options that were more of a guarantee of success. As if […]

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Dare to Dream


God has really been speaking to my heart about living out my dreams lately. Although in many ways, I already am living my dream… (stay at home mom to two beautiful, amazing children that I get to parent with an incredible husband) through a series of conversations with my hubby, a couple dreams have […]

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One Little Word


Happy New Year, friends! I truly hope that 2014 was a blessed year for you. But if you faced your share of hardships and heartbreak, you can be thankful for this new year and a fresh start. Our God is a God of new beginnings and I am so thankful for that every year. […]

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