PWAP // For Students

Coming Saturday!

I would venture a guess that most of you have at least one student in your life you are shopping for this holiday season. Whether that’s a smart-talking highschooler who thinks they know more than you or your beloved spouse heading back to school for a career change. Show them how much they mean to […]

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PWAP // For Your Man


My husband always winds up being one of the most challenging people for me to shop for each year. Which seems very strange to me, considering he is the one I know the best. But I think it’s a combination of his insistence that he really doesn’t need anything (which, of course, is true) […]

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PWAP // For Kids


Our kids are spoiled rotten. They have a life here in America, that children around the world wouldn’t even know to dream of – it is beyond their wildest imagination. While I am keenly aware of that every day, the Christmas season seems to hold a constant reminder everywhere I look. We seem to […]

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Purchase with a Purpose 2015

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Christmas always has, and always will be one of my favorite times of year. I love the family get-togethers, the meal planning and silly traditions. I love the never-ending heaps of baked treats served with hot cocoa and candy canes. I love teaching my children the art of gift-giving for their family and friends. […]

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For The Hostess…


Today I will be touching on the perfect finds for your favorite hostess. You know – that darling friend or family member that is always opening her home and inviting you in. She always has her cabinets stocked with the best alcohol (or is that just my friends, lol) and a spread on the […]

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For the Adventurer…


Everyone has someone in their life who just can’t seem to stay put in one place. They are always moving and seeking a new adventure, whether that be a relocation or simply taking on a new sport. They thrive off excitement and change. Why not fuel their excitement to explore with gifts they can use […]

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For the Fashionista…


Fashionistas can be a challenge to shop for…or so I hear. People tell me they hesitate to buy me jewelry or clothes for fear I won’t like them. I promise them (and you) that it’s pretty much the opposite. You almost can’t go wrong with jewelry or clothes! But in case the thought of […]

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For the Kids…


Shopping for your kids can be challenging. In our family, we are seeking to buy more than just toys, but something that has a little meaning or can create last memories. When I first started trying to Purchase with a Purpose a couple years ago, there weren’t many option for kids besides clothes. But […]

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For the Baker…


Or cook. If you have someone in your life who lives in the kitchen, I have found the perfect items to put a smile on their face! You will know them by their homemade yummies. If they show their love through a home cooked meal or freshly baked cookies, you can bet that this […]

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For the Coffee Snob…


This may or may not be my husband’s exact description of me. But what can I say? When it’s your FAVORITE beverage…it just has to be done right. The coffee snob is hard to miss. She almost always has her mug in hand and her lipstick smudged off (just me? Whoops.) She always has […]

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