The Full House House


Silly or not, the number one thing I wanted to do during our visit to San Fransisco was to find the Full House house. It topped my bucket list, for sure. Like most people in my age group, I grew up on the iconic, family friendly show. Our family always looked forward to sitting […]

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Alamo Square


While my husband spent the entire drive trying to tone down my expectations of San Fransisco, I couldn’t help but ooze with excitement to visit the city of fog. Being that I’m from Seattle, that description alone should lower my expectations. But I’m glad I didn’t let him damper my mood. And he would […]

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SF Bucket List


Ever since those good ‘ole days, when you stayed in on Friday nights so you wouldn’t miss an episode of Full House, I have longed to visit and experience the city of San Francisco. With recent Netflix release of the show’s sequel, Fuller House, (anyone else binge watching this weekend?) that longing has been reignited. […]

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I Want to be Here Right Now…


After looking at the recent weather forecasts for much of the country, I know I can’t be alone in the warm weather vacation dreams right now. Can I get an amen? Haha. It’s just inevitable this time of year. The rain and the wind and the hail are just old news over here. And […]

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