The Basics: 7 Ways To Accessorize A White Tee

Hey friends. I wanted to shout out a HUGE THANK YOU to those of you who joined us with our online trunk show. We (Tarah and I) had SO much fun putting together those fun fall looks, and I’m glad y’all enjoyed them as well.

But if you missed all the fun, don’t worry. I still have some good news for you. You have ONE LAST DAY to browse the Noonday Collection online and place an order for a chance to win a $50 Noonday gift card! You can still find all the details on our facebook invite. You don’t want to miss out on THAT, right?!? But all the fun ends tonight at 8:00pm (Pacific) so you have to hurry!

Oh yeah. And one more thing! I still have one more look for you! Or several looks depending on how you look at it. You see, I’ve had several people ask me to help them choose jewelry to complete a specific outfit. It turns out that accessorizing is a learned talent for most! And thankfully, Tarah and I planned ahead (kind of) with this very post.

How you choose to accessorize is a completely personal decision and is all about reflecting YOU. Tarah and I just thought it would be fun to give some examples on how to accessorize a basic white tee. The basics can be the hardest simply because there are so many options! So here are just the first seven that popped into our head, as a way to show you that Noonday has a little something to everyone. Whether you are a minimalist or a fashionista, whether you rock the bohemian look or the rocker look. Check it out – and tell me: how would YOU choose to accessorize a basic white tee?


For this look, we paired this lovely statement necklace with the fabulous Urban Folklore bag. Made in Peru, this stunning embroidery is full of such vibrant color it just makes me smile. And don’t you just love the touch of the metal studs on there? A little boho and a little rocker all in one – gotta love it!!!

Shop This Look:

Sweet Clementine Bib: Ugandan handcrafted paper and seed beads
Crescent Moon Earrings: India
Urban Folklore Bag: Peru


For this second look we mixed this stunning layered necklace WITH this simple metallic pearls necklace WITH leather color-blocked earrings. Can I just say – I LOVE this layered necklace!!!! And not only because it adds the perfect touch of glam to even the most simplistic of outfits. I have owned numerous layered necklaces in the past. For some reason they are usually designed on delicate chains and there is NEVER a good way to store them. No matter how hard I try to avoid it, they always end up a tangled mess, and after the 10,000th time of asking my husband to help me pull the knots out, I end up getting rid of it. Have y’all had that problem? Well NOT with this one. These are chunky brass beads attached to vegan leather strap that goes around your neck. There’s no clasp to hook and unhook – you just slip it over your head for perfectly arranged layers every time. This one’s on my shopping list guys – it’s awesome! And these feathery earrings – aren’t they stunning?

Oh! And how could I forget?!? The lovely wrap bracelet we used as a headband to show the versatility of some of these pieces. How fun is that???

Shop This Look:

Goldrush Necklace: India
Metallic Pearls Necklace: Ethiopian upcycled metal and artillery
Brightly Wound Bracelet, Mint: India
Annie’s Feathered Earrings: India


For the minimalist. Yes! There’s something here for you too!!! It’s a rare day for me when I wear this little of jewelry. Not that there is anything wrong with it, it’s just a personal choice. But if all these statement pieces are scaring you off, I want to assure you that Noonday has plenty of options for you as well. If you are running out of the house and don’t have time to think about what goes with what, a simple touch of metallic is always a safe way to go. And there’s NOTHING more beautiful than knowing the story behind some of these beautiful pieces. But I’ll let you read for yourself about the outreach program in Ethiopia that is bringing us beautiful pieces like this Metallic Pearls Necklace and helping this community of women provide a better life for themselves and generations to come.

Shop This Look:

Metallic Pearls Necklace: Ethiopian upcycled metal and artillery
Sweet Silver Studs: India


I love this look too. During the cold months here (so basically year round, haha) you can spot me in a scarf about any day. This infinity scarf can be worn so many ways I instantly fell in love. With an 80 INCH CIRCUMFERENCE it is actually long enough to wrap around your neck three times, as I did here. Which was the PERFECT length to show off the delicate beauty of this stunning golden arrows necklace. Also these earrings have a delicate print on them, but are still substantial enough to bring a little statement to your outfit.

Shop This Look:

Elegant Arrows Necklace: India
Filigree Paisley Earrings: India
Angelica Infinity Scarf: Hand-woven cotton from Guatemala


I had been eyeing THESE earrings since I received the Noonday catalogue in the mail several weeks ago. When I told Tarah I had to do a look with them, I saw her eyes light up. Then she pulled out this stunning scarf and belt and I just knew we had a winner!

Shop This Look:

Kakobe Kite Earrings: Ugandan hammered metal and handcrafted paper beads
Picked Plum Scarf: Guatemala
Sequined Forest Belt: Peru


Ever have to run out of the house so fast you seriously don’t have time to think about a THING?!? If you have time to only grab your bag, don’t you want your bag to speak volumes? Made with vegan leather and vintage H’mong fabric in Vietnam (and even the perfect touch of a velvet pom pom), this striking bag is truly a work of art.

Shop This Look:

Vibrant Stitches Bag: Vietnam


The combination of these stunning chevron earrings with the rich blue hue of this ikat scarf are another perfect pairing, don’t you think? I just can’t get enough of these simple and effortless looks – perfect for the busy mom on the go like me! And even though I’ve been feeling rather “over” the whole chevron trend, something about the simplicity and elegance of these earrings has me drooling. What do YOU think?

Shop This Look:

Chevron Dangle Earrings: 10K Gold plated, Nepal
Ana’s Scarf

I can’t reiterate enough y’all…accessorizing is a personal decision and there is no RIGHT or WRONG way to do it. Just experiment and have fun with it! It is all about expressing yourself. MYself just happens to be loud and colorful (anyone who knows me can verify that for you)!

Well, this is truly the end of our Noonday fun (for now). I hope you had fun! Don’t forget you have TODAY only (8:00pm Pacific time is the cut off) to enter our giveaway with your Noonday purchase. If you need some inspiration, feel free to check out our Noonday Lookbook. We’ve got a little something for everyone. And if you STILL need help, comment below or shoot me an email! Tarah and I have had so much fun helping our friends pick out pieces to complete their favorite outfit and we would happily do the same for you!

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