The Full House House


Silly or not, the number one thing I wanted to do during our visit to San Fransisco was to find the Full House house. It topped my bucket list, for sure.

Like most people in my age group, I grew up on the iconic, family friendly show. Our family always looked forward to sitting down together on a Friday evening with homemade pizza and the usual TGIF marathon. TGIF may not be around anymore, but the tradition still stands now with my little family. (I even got a little teary eyed when I got to recreate my childhood with homemade pizza and Fuller House!)

Since my kids are also huge fans of the show, they had just as much fun as I did hunting down the real thing. A lot has changed since 1987, but it was still easy to know we had the right place (I mean, beside all those feelings).


My kids must have been giddy too because I’ve got goofy grins and poses in every single photo! Haha!


Apparently, a lot of people think that the Full House house resides in Alamo Square. But it didn’t take a lot of research to find the actual address. So if you are planning to seek out this location yourself – make sure you drive to the right one.

[ 1709 Broderick Street ]


Like I said…there have obviously been a lot of changes. I was a little disappointed at the thought. But I have to admit that aesthetically, the changes have been for the best. The color choices show off the home’s best features and I love how the green door and the rod iron gate make the brick pop. (You also can’t blame the homeowners for the tree…who wouldn’t want a little privacy from fan photos?!?)

How about you? Have you ever been to see the Full House house or do you plan to go? What do you think of the updates?

Don’t forget that you can check out my complete SF Bucket List and follow all our SF adventures as we link back there. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


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