The Perfect Tree


TDD_PerfectTree The perfect tree looks different to everyone. That’s part of what makes it so fun. To me, the perfect tree is…

  • Not too tall to put the star on top
  • No big gaping holes or spaces
  • Full and luscious, like my dream lashes
  • Fragrant and freshly cut

It is a glorious hunt every year. And thankfully it keeps getting easier, as my husband has learned what I look for and can assist me in finding the perfect one.

TDD_Tree_01 But best of all is the memories we make. Breaking out our snow pants for the first time this season. Riding the kiddie train as they bundle up our tree. Enjoying a candy cane and hot cocoa on the drive home. Warm potato soup for dinner.

TDD_Tree_03 TDD_Tree_04 What’s tradition if you don’t enjoy it, right? What are your favorite holiday traditions?



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