Top Three Tuesday: Lip Colors



I haven’t always been a lipstick person. I mean, it’s not like I had anything AGAINST it…I was just blessed with naturally pink lips and didn’t feel I really needed it despite an occasional special evening. My mom, on the other hand, has “needed” it as long as I’ve known her. “Lipless in Seattle” is what she would call those rare occasions that a bright pink (or shade close to that) DIDN’T actually grace her lips. As of recently though…I don’t really tend to leave the house without some sort of protection on those babies. And usually that lip protection involves some pretty intense color (if I’m gonna put it on…why not have it go “POW”)!!

Since my bold lip color choices tend to draw some attention, I’ve been asked several times lately what color I’m wearing. I thought this week’s “Top Three Tuesday” was the perfect opportunity to share with y’all my very favorites this Fall!



Sephora hooked me up with this moisture-rich crimson tone and I just couldn’t be happier. Prior to this find I was using some long-lasting lip stain…but it was drying out my lips and then the color would start cracking. It was great while it was fresh but there would always be some point in the day that I would look in the mirror and see one big hot mess on my face. In order to avoid that embarrassment in public, I decided it was time to move on. I am so in love with this color from Sephora…..but I will admit I do have a hard time with reds not smearing all over my teeth. Still looking for a solution to that one! But the tone is perfect so I am sticking to this one for now…I’m just making sure to keep a little pocket mirror close by (or a very honest best friend).



This specific shade was recommended on one of the blogs I read….can’t remember for the life of me which one though. But she had blonde hair and pale skin like me so I figured I couldn’t lose. Boy, was I right on that. Since the weather took a turn for the worst, I can’t seem to put this one down. It has pretty much been my go-to color for months now, and just seems to SCREAM Fall, am I right? At first I had just picked up the lip shade, and after realizing what a true winner it was, I got the matching liner to help it last extra long.



Something about a purple on pale skin and blonde hair has really been grabbing my attention lately. After seeing purple all over Fall fashion, I didn’t see any reason NOT to jump on the lip trend as well. This specific shade is just soft enough that I can use it with just about anything, but punchy enough to make me feel like…well, ME!

I’d love to hear from all my favorite readers out there too (that’s YOU)!!! What are your favorite lip colors for the Fall season? Do you tend to stick with soft neutral shades? Or do you make a statement with your lip color like I do?

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  • I love your lip color choices! Especially the reds. I stock up on $1 lipsticks (from the Chinese Beauty Supply stores) so I can try them all. My faves are deep burgundy & orange!

  • I love all three. I wear more lipsticks in in the winter and such a fan of Smashbox and Mac matte lipsticks!

    • I’m so cheap when it comes to lipstick and I don’t know WHY! Haha! But one of these days I’m going to just go for it.